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Amythest Lee

Columbia, MD, USA

I have taken GIS classes in undergrad and graduate school. I have created shapefiles and converted data I have collected into a format compatible with ArcGIS. I also created visual depictions of sea level rise and its impact to Wilmington, North Carolina by finding already existing shapefiles in various databases. I completed projects involving sand displacement from hurricanes and dune erosion from Beach Vitex. I am a fast learner that is highly motivated to solve problems and complete projects.

Master of Science in Environmental Studies, December 2018
Concentration: Environmental Conservation and Management
University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)
GPA: 3.7

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, May 2017
Concentration: Conservation
Minor: Economics
University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)
GPA: 3.5

Key Skills and Competencies: ArcGIS, SPSS, RTK, Data Analysis, Technical Writing, Non-Invasive Sampling Techniques, Soil and Vegetation Analysis, Wetland Delineation, Microsoft Office Suite, Data Management and Analysis, Technical Writing, Strong Work Ethic, Organization, Oral and Written Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Self-Starter, Collaboration, Creative Problem Solver, Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Initiative, Adaptability

Seasonal Park Ranger, Elk Neck State Park, North East, MD, July 2020- December 2020
• Researched and developed a self-guided activity booklet for 7-12 year olds to continue environmental education efforts during COVID-19
• Completed Duty Ranger shifts that involved managing coworkers and delegating tasks
• Assisted with a large-scale tree planting around the park in conjunction with staff from other state agencies
• Assisted Department of Forestry staff with carpentry repairs to the Elk Neck State Forest Shooting Range
• Conducted Invasive Species removal of the Spotted Lantern Fly within the park
• Refreshed the camping reservation site with updated pictures and descriptions
• Solved problems patrons had with camping reservations
• Provided visitors with information and assistance
• Helped coordinate emergency response to incidents within the park
• Maintained and cared for park facilities, trails, and beaches
• Executed strict COVID-19 safety procedures

Cashier, Michael’s, Westminster, MD, September 2019- June 2020
• Handled customer transactions, returns, and online orders
• Assisted customers with needs throughout the store
• Provided excellent customer service both in person and over the phone
• Multitasked by operating the register, stocking items on the shelf, answering the phone, and completing curbside order pickup

Intern, Carolina Beach State Park, Carolina Beach, NC, May 2018- July 2018
• Assisted park staff with various educational programs throughout the park including a herpetology walk with elementary school children
• Helped create fire lines for a prescribed burn in a long leaf pine savanna ecosystem
• Assisted with Venus flytrap counts and propagation in their natural habitat
• Conducted Invasive Species removal of Turkey Oaks within the long leaf pine savanna
• Aided in park operations including cleaning campsites, general landscaping, and tree removal

Teaching Assistant, UNCW Environmental Science Department, Wilmington, NC, January 2018- December 2018
• Organized, read, and graded assignments submitted by students
• Compiled grades into an easy to read format for the supervising professors
• Coordinated work hours between two different supervising professors
• Communicated with students concerning grades and deadlines

Sales Service Representative, Mondelēz International, Wilmington, NC, April 2015- December 2018
• Stocked shelves with product, worked through deliveries, and organized the backstock area
• Communicated between sales representatives, managers, and receivers to keep business relations as smooth as possible

Directed Independent Study
• Topic of research: Effectiveness of introductory environmental education on students’ attitudes and behaviors
• Created two online surveys to compare over 400 students’ environmental attitudes and behaviors before and after taking an introductory environmental course at UNCW to compare the effectiveness of ownership based education versus issues based education
• Analyzed data using SPSS to compare results overall and among demographics
• Utilized qualitative and quantitative methods to gather rich data from classroom visits and student assignments
• Conducted a literature review and compiled my findings into a publishable research paper
• Presented my findings to the head of the department and professors of the course

Fundamentals of GIS
• Created visual depictions of sea level rise and its impact to Wilmington, North Carolina by finding already existing shapefiles in various databases
• Created shapefiles based on aerial photography and personally collected data
• Analyzed various datasets to become familiar with ArcGIS and supplement knowledge from my undergraduate GIS coursework

Field Methods in Environmental Science
• Utilized various equipment (RTK, Emery Boards, Wentworth Scale, etc.) to measure erosion of dunes caused by the invasive plant Beach Vitex
• Practiced non-invasive sampling techniques using track plates and game cameras
• Used an open-soil auger to analyze a soil sample and determine its type
• Delineated a wetland
• Examined water quality using a YSI probe

Amythest Lee

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