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Samuel Ngugi

Nairobi, Kenya

I am an avid lover of all things earth, and GIS/Remote sensing, happens to be my most favourite field in this space. Also loves to be involved or lead the way in impactful activities. Experienced with team coordination, and an excellent communicator.
• GIS and Remote Sensing
• R
• Python, basic JavaScript

Work Experience

Life in GIS June 2022 - Present
Technical Writer
• Writing articles on programming in GIS using python, R and Google Earth JavaScript.
• Educating on developments in the GIS and remote sensing space.
• Following up on GIS and remote sensing projects relevant to public interest.

Climate and Energy Advisory January 2021 - Present
GIS and Consultant Researcher
- Supported the C&E team in developing Project Descriptions (PDs), Project Monitoring Reports
(PMR) and in reviewing forestry related reports.
- Was a key reviewer of biomass reports for CTCN funded project from pre-feasibility to close
of project phase.
-Evaluated existing REDD+ projects and agricultural value chains to propose possibilities on
where their value chains could reduce carbon emissions and participate in carbon credit trading.
- Published in RPubs a tutorial on use of R to conduct both GIS and Remote Sensing. Topics
included data processing, cartography and programming.

Climate and Energy Advisory June 2020 - Present
GIS and Cartographer
- Extracted GIS data for design of cartographic maps detailing the demographics, administrative regions for SEI funded Katakwa cookstove survey project.
- Compiled geographical data from a variety of sources including census, satellite imagery, and
online geodatabases to showcase distribution and location of REDD+ projects in Kenya.
- Used raster processing techniques to extract landcover types that were used to convey landcover biomass in CTCN reports.
- Used raster (image) manipulation to train staff on practical problem-solving using GIS.

GIS Consultant
-Provided consultation on remote sensing for a project paper entitled “Impacts of urban sprawl to agricultural production in Kesses sub-county”.
-Coached and advised on use of ENVI 5.x to conduct landcover analysis, accuracy assessment, image sieving/filtering/noise reduction and landcover change matrices. Qgis, Google Earth, Earth Explorer and Copernicus used for remote sensing analysis.
- Exploited Sentinel 2, Landsat 8 OLI, 7 ETM+ and 5 Thematic mapper to identify LULC in Kesses subcounty, Uasin Gishu.

BIST LLC August 2018 - September 2020
Cartographic Assistant
-Georeferenced 2000+ lake maps of USA, Canada and Sweden to correct them to accurate earth locations.

Cropio October 2019 - October 2019
GIS assistant

Brandon Walters June 2019 - June 2019
Geospatial Consultant
- Systematically analyzed time series satellite images of 8 Rift Valley lakes – L. Elementaita, L. Naivasha, L. Turkana, L. Nakuru, L. Magadi, L. Baringo, L. Bogoria, to determine lake changes in volume, area and depth between 1969 – 2019.

Epsilon Generation May 2019
GIS, Image Analytics, and Data Collection
-Mapped over 150 real estate properties in London; listed barriers to development of 120+ Italian land parcels. Data was used to advise real estate prospectors in London and Italy on most profitable residential sites.

ESRI April 2018 - June 2018
- Used ArcMap, ArcPro, and other ArcGIS suite tools to provide potential solutions for
Nairobi's hydrological problems and route analysis.
- Used ARCGIS modellor in designing a custom tool to calculate volume of harvested forest

Samuel Ngugi

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