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Jovana Ilic

Miami, FL, USA

I am an international student completing undergraduate degrees in Geography and Sociology in August 2020, and a minor in Travel and Tourism Management. I also have specialized skills in Geographic Information Systems. I wish to apply my knowledge, research and technical skills into a GIS position that keeps our planet developed and safe place for future generations.

Some of the research projects I have done for courses that are relevant to various GIS positions are: Correlation between Poverty, Illiteracy, and Public Transportation in Rural Areas in Serbia; it examined the relationship between three variables that exist in rural areas in Serbia: poverty, illiteracy and public transportation; GIS information was obtained from government databases and the results were visually displayed in ArcMap 10.5.1., and a semester long experience applying terrestrial laser scanner, total station, and GPS to conduct measurements, set up equipment, download data and do quantitative analysis of the measurements to calculate precision and accuracy with the visual presentation of the results in Google Earth and ArcMap 10.5.1.

I have a two year experience using GIS softwares (ArcMap 10.5.1., ArcOnline, Survey123, Arc Story Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Excel...

Research skills: Secondary data collection via academic journals and online; primary data collection via interviews; survey design; quantitative and qualitative data analysis

Jovana Ilic

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Posted 2020-07-05 under Geography