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Jelani Bynum

Durham, NC, USA

Introduction to GIS, Member
• Analyzed bus access and transportation in two Durham neighborhoods using ArcGIS
• Created various maps and tables comparing bus access amenities across communities

Carolina Animators Anonymous, Production
• Organized scripts, storyboards, animatics, etc. for College Animation competition to improve collaboration
• Combined two ideas into one to facilitate creation process

Introduction to Geographic Information, Member
• Analyzed water contamination using QGIS
• Created graphs comparing cancer rates and proximity from study area
• Organized notes for project

Solving Urban Problems, Member
• Analyzed effectiveness of compost laws using Tableau and Excel

Durham Housing Authority, Youth Intern Durham, North Carolina

• Filed and sorted up to three years of documents for better management of housing forms
• Organized up to 700 names on housing waiting list for properly documenting who lived there
• Directed a two-person team helping with reading comprehension to decrease filling time

NCCU Men’s Achievement Center, Youth Intern Durham, North Carolina
• Informed incoming freshman of their acceptance into Centennial Scholars Program
• analyzed 400-page book and comic and synthesized information from each to create educational comic
• Organized notes into categories in excel and basing the comic off of most common occurrence

Chapel Hill Point Church Care Pantry, Volunteer Chapel Hill, North Carolina
• Delivered and bagged groceries to cars for low-income families saving them time and money from going to store

Cooking up Character, Volunteer
• Packed goods and other necessities for homeless individuals

Peaceful Planet, Classroom Volunteer Durham, North Carolina
• Developed math and reading skills of seven rising 1st graders saving teacher time in regular school year
• Served as weekly chaperon for educational field trips ensuring safety of students

Urban Ministries of Durham, Community Café Volunteer Durham, North Carolina
• Carried out operations that helped served meals to homeless individuals decreasing need for buying food

The Anthropological Archaeology of Foodways, Member
• Created video and poster detailing history and creation of food item
• Adapted to project creation challenge by agreeing to change mind on an improbable suggestion

Jelani Bynum

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