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Amadeusz Zajac

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Amadeusz Zajac
Archaeological Crew Chief
Address Philadelphia, PA, 19121
Phone 1-609-477-3054
GIS Portfolio

I have worked as a professional archaeologist since 2011, and have become more involved in the development of my GIS credentials in the past four years. I completed my graduate certification in Archaeology GIS as of 2019, and am currently on track to finish my MS in Geospatial Information Systems Administration by Spring 2021. My professional experience spans over three years and includes cartographic figure design, data conversion/storage, raster operations, predictive modeling, and the collection/conversion and manipulation of field data. My academic experience also includes working with, and managing databases, limited work with JavaScript, Python, and HTML languages, and remote sensing. The attacked resume was created for an academic purpose and emphasizes my further academic interests, but more details are available if needed.

2019-05 - Current Master of Science: Geospatial Information Science
The University of West Florida - Pensacola, FL
● Maintaining a GPA of 3.77 as of Fall 2020.
● The Capstone thesis project focuses on improving the efficiency of fieldwork in
contract archaeology by adding an interactive geospatial platform to give context to
all information collected in the field.
2008-08 - 2011-01 Bachelor of Science: Evolutionary Anthropology
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, NJ
● Graduated with a GPA of 3.2.
● Completed a 6 credit independent study in Anthropology and Geology focused on
Paleo-Indian migrations across Beringia, under the supervision of Dr. Craig Feibel.
● Minor in Geology.
● Participated in a work-study program at the Anthropology Department.
2006-08 -
Associate of Arts: Social Science - History Focus
Mercer County Community College - West Windsor, NJ
● Graduated with 3.2 GPA.
Supplemental Education
2013-01 - 2018-12 Graduate Certificate: GIS - Archaeology Focus
The University of West Florida - Pensacola, FL
● Graduated with a GPA of 3.8.
● Completed a GIS-based internship program at A.D. Marble & Company, which
allowed me to create a niche position for myself within the department.
2010-06 - 2010-07 Field School: Archaeology
Historic Jamestowne Archaeological Field School - Jamestown, VA
● Earned six graduate credits in Anthropology from the University of Virginia.
● Conducted fieldwork under the supervision of Dr. William Kelso.
● Received training in archaeological field methodology, including; feature
identification, feature excavation, artifact analysis, and stratigraphic interpretation.
Work History
2014-11 - Current Archaeological Crew Chief
A.D. Marble & Co, King of Prussia, PA
● Led Phase I and II surveys in the field.
● Participated in Phase III field surveys under a Field Director.
● Independently supervised team of archaeological technicians in the field while
reporting to a Principal Investigator.
● Set a work schedule according to coverage needs and team skills.
● Planned daily activities to accomplish team objectives while adhering to high-quality
● Took responsibility for fieldwork note consistency and artifact delivery.
● Trained new crew members in basic fieldwork tasks.
● Organized field notes, and paperwork related to the projects.
2017-03 - Current GIS Analyst
A.D. Marble & Co, King of Prussia, PA
● Combined remotely-collected and on-site data to generate archaeological report
● Contributed to centralized GIS database, correctly inputting data on new job sites
and revising data on changing conditions.
● Located necessary metadata, and used it for the purpose of archaeological predictive
● Created predictive models for archeological surveys, depending on state regulations.
● Contributed to fieldwork efficiency by developing basic mobile mapping data.
● Regularly created a variety of graphics to accompany investigation reports.
2011-10 - 2014-11 Archaeological Field Technician
A.D. Marble & Co, King of Prussia, PA
● Participated in Phase I, II, and III archaeological field surveys under the supervision
of an archaeological field director.
● Assisted in laboratory work, including artifact washing, processing, photography.
● Independently excavated shovel test pits, test units, and archaeological features.
2012-07 - 2012-09 Field Archaeologist
Stell Environmental Enterprises, Elverson, PA
● Participated in Phase I, and II archaeological field surveys under the supervision of
an archaeological field director.
● Independently excavated shovel test pits, test units, and archaeological features.
2012-02 - 2012-03 Archaeological Field Technician
Cardno TEC, Inc., York, PA
● Participated in Phase I archaeological survey, under direction of a Field Director.
● Independently excavated shovel test pits, test units, and archaeological features.
2011-03 - 2011-07 Archaeological Field Technician
AECOM, Trenton, NJ
● Participated in a Phase III archaeological investigation.
GPS Pathfinder Office
Training in the Python, SQL, C++, and HTML programming languages.
Proficient in use of Trimble hand-held GPS technology
Polish Language - Native Fluency
Russian Language - Intermediate Fluency
OSHA 10 Hour Construction Program
Red Vector "Business Ethics"
Red Vector "Ethics for Professionals"

Amadeusz Zajac

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