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Ronald Phillips

San Diego, CA, USA

Ronald L. Phillips Jr.
San Diego, California 92119 | (619) 346-8132 |


HELIX Environmental Planning Inc.
La Mesa, CA
GIS Technician (July 2017 –December 2018)
Daily responsibilities include but are not limited to offering GIS and cartographic services for technical reports, including vegetation and sensitive resource mapping, analyses of project impacts, and development of resource management and mitigation plans. This position requires me to design, layout and produce varieties of GIS datasets and cartographic output models. Attention to detail, including strong spelling skills, is required along with the ability to communicate effectively with multiple planning project managers, and to prioritize and complete high quality work within specified deadlines.

City of Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ
Utilities GIS Analyst Intern (January 2017 – May 2017)
Assist Utilities GIS Supervisor with various projects which ranged from scrutinizing as-built construction plans for accuracy to editing and or creating new information in the City’s 10 separate enterprise geodatabases. Assist colleagues in creating file geodatabases in order to preserve core data while editing was being performed and then reconcile file geodatabase information into enterprise geodatabase which allowed for further scrutiny before information was released to staff and public. Run reports for Utilities GIS Supervisor to gather information on out of date points of interest. Create maps which were then printed and posted for reclaimed water treatment plant employees to refer to. Create maps for sewer gravity mains and related infrastructure for wastewater and industrial waste to refer to on an as needed basis. Perform SQL based searches which allowed myself and team to perform spatial research while preserving accurate information related to all manhole, fire hydrant, pressurized main, gravity main, and related infrastructure which allowed for detailed interpolation of install date and whether or not point of interest was still active or abatement occurred. Assist in creation of Collector application that allowed water conservation team to more accurately report, monitor, and archive incidents. That project was a joint effort with utilities, water conservation, and code enforcement departments.

City of Lemon Grove Lemon Grove, CA
GIS Technician/Development Services Intern (May 2016 – August 2016)
Reviewed policy and legislation, wrote staff reports, and created PowerPoint presentations for planning commission meetings with Development Services department. Performed plan checks and went on site inspections to assist Development Services Director and associate planners throughout length of internship. Conducted research for City of Lemon Grove which aimed to completely update City’s municipal code. Researched and contacted potential contractors for a CDBG project called “Connect Main St.” throughout length of internship in an attempt to get assigned section as close to complete as possible before the internship ended. Assisted City of Lemon Grove Development Services team on outreach programs. Led classes on ArcMap 10.3 software and assisted team with general concepts how to manipulate information that was already in their file geodatabase. Performed majority of GIS work within ArcViewer

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals Hopi/Navajo Indian Reservation, AZ
Basic GIS Instructor (November 2015 – December 2015)
Classroom environment learning where I, along with my supervisor, would assist children from 9th-12th grade in gaining familiarity with Arc products. Throughout internship, students learned about how to conduct research and then input that data into GIS. Students would take rain gauges to their homes and monitor the rainfall and then see what the average rainfall would be for that particular month. Students were then assigned to work with each other to see who had the most rainfall to determine where their rain collection barrel would be installed. This exercise taught not only them, but their families the benefits of GIS. Assisted reservation’s planning commission on determining directional flow of their waterways and tributaries.

Dunkin Donuts Flagstaff, AZ
Shift Supervisor (October 2015 – April 2016)
During employment, was tasked with closing restaurant, managing anywhere from two to five employees, opened and counted cash drawers. Closed and counted cash drawers at the end of my shift. Ensured that the restaurant was in good looking and good working condition throughout shift. When needed, would bake more donuts and brew more coffee. During shift, was also responsible for customer reconciliation and customer satisfaction.

Flagship Cruises and Events San Diego, CA
Server/Bartender (June 2013 – August 2015)
Prepared which ever yacht I was working on for that evening’s function and then would clean and restore yacht to basic décor for next day’s staff. Worked during shift as a server, mainly, however, would assist bartenders if need be before, during, and after shift to ensure customer satisfaction. Would have shifts where I worked with cruise directors and food and beverage manager where yacht’s inventory was taken and a thorough cleaning was performed.

Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ
GIS Volunteer (August 2016 – December 2016)
Volunteered and provided assistance to classmates that needed extra help getting their assignments done due to one technical issue or another. Remained in GIS lab for four hours on a first come first serve basis. Issues would range from introductory to intermediate coursework.

Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ
B.S. Geography, Planning, and Recreation with emphasis in Geospatial Sciences (May 2017)

Ronald Phillips

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