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Spencer Haley


Graduate of The Pennsylvania State University: December 2017
Fall 17 Semester GPA: 3.27 Bachelor of Science in Geography
Major GPA: 3.0 Minor in Geographic Information Systems
Beneficial Program/ Skills:

(ESRI)Software Suite, RStudio, SQL, GoogleEarth, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Visual Editing Programs: Paint, ModelBuilder, Microsoft PowerPoint, GeoDa, SketchUp, Gephi, PowerBi, Unity, AgiSoft, FragStats, Context Capture

Work Experience:
GIS Consultant for MCM Management Group: June 2018 - Present
X Lead for all map/graphic creation, drone mapping technology, and virtual modeling construction of upcoming site location.
X Head GIS software like SiteOps and ArcMap to construct maps based on spatially accurate images and GPS data.
X Experience with floorplans creating maps and models to scale through modeling softwares
X Using 3D Modeling software like AgiSoft, SiteOps, and LumenRt to create reality models

ChoroPhronesis Spatial Awareness Lab (Intern): Jan 2017 V Dec 2017
X Leader in project on creating a map of Penn State Campus using 360 degree images for a Virtual Reality viewing experience
X Using Unity game engine to convert and format into a VR experience working with a team in related fields
X Image collector and program work in creation of 3D modeled procedural campus map using photorealistic images

Consulted/Advisor for Penn State Doctorate student in graduate level GIS course:
Oct 2016 - Dec 2016
X Advised Graduate student with Project and Scientific Research paper involving analysis for possible correlation between rainfall data in Africa with cases of Neonatal Sepsis
X Worked cohesively with student and gave direction for use of different ArcMap tools for statistical significance and spatial trends to create viable relevant visualization maps to show correlations

Mecklenburg Food Desert Research for Pop Up Produce: Nov 2016 - Dec 2016
X Research regarding food desert analysis for Mecklenburg County, NC
X Created maps pinpointing areas of food deserts based only a base layer of Mecklenburg County
X Found data points and other areas of interest to run a buffer analysis on grocery stores, churches, and other municipalities that may administer food

Penn State Riparia Wetland Evaluation Internship: May 2016 - Aug 2016
X Sampled wetland, stream, and riparian field sites located primarily in Pennsylvania and Maryland
X Characterized sites by (sampling vegetation, site mapping, preparation of soil samples, collecting and sorting invertebrates); processing water and soil samples in the laboratory; entering data; and working with faculty, staff and graduate students on research-related tasks.
X Surveying skills using technical GPS instruments, and measurement tools to attain data. Written data taken in field to complete reports
X Input and data surveying held to standards of EPA guidelines, with data collection through visual and tangible collecting methods

Beneficial Courses/Projects:
GIS: Principles and use of geographic information; emphasis is on data acquisition and techniques for computer-aided analysis.
Cartography: Designing and producing both thematic and reference maps that use symbols and visual hierarchies allow content to be readily understood.
Spatial Analysis: Geographic statistical measurement, scaling, and classification; analysis of spatial pattern and structure; geographic covariation and autocorrelation
Advanced GIS Modeling: Normative and probabilistic models of spatial behavior; adaptive systems in geographic space; interaction, system stability, and modeling.
Visualization for Spatial Sciences: Geospatial data are represented in intuitive, immersive, and flexible ways, provides hands-on experiences with 3D modeling and VR technologies
Spatial Network Analysis: Network analysis, including usage of different approaches, data collection methods, and analysis tools
Geography of Global Economies: economic development and impact of globalization. Focus on specific industries, firms, and regions. Literature on alternative understandings of the global economy linking global capitalism, international economic policy, and social welfare.

Extra-curricular Activities:

GIS Coalition Club President, UnderDoGS, The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Panelist for GIS Day board as GIS Coalition Club President
Film, Technology Enthusiast, Video Games, Music (Percussion)
Self Taught Barber for over 5 years working with customers face to face gaining years of Customer Service Skills
Leadership Positions: 1st Drummer V Montclair HS Marching Band, Lead - Ball Coaster Project on MEPO final project, Lead in project to help create 360 degree campus map, self-appointed leader of most group projects and initiatives for courses of study

Spencer Haley

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