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Ian Kennedy

Winchester, MA, USA

Ian Kennedy
4 Stone Ave
Winchester, MA, 01890

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Cum Laude (BS 2021)
Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems, Cum Laude (BS 2021)
Certificate in GIST (Geographic Information Science & Technology)
GPA – 3.77
Candidate, Master of Science in Geography - GIST (MS 2023)
GPA – 4.00

Family Forest Research Center, UMass Amherst
Graduate Research Assistant - Timber Products Output (TPO) Survey (05.2020 - current)
• Co-headed the Northern Region’s survey implementation, dissemination, and data collection for the Timber Products Output (TPO) Survey (2020 – 2023)
• Designed the Mail and E-PDF survey forms for 2020 - onward using TeleForm and Adobe Acrobat
• Established a data-collection pipeline for TPO Survey data allowing for marriage of data from varying delivery modes (mail, phone, & email)
• Utilized R-scripts to parse and clean messy data (~600 responses per year) for quality checking purposes
• Guided USDA Forest Service staff (NRS-FIA Field Crew) and undergraduate students through logistics of the TPO Survey for mobile survey dissemination & data verification
• Conducted statistics-based sample-frame analyses in R, primarily to gauge impacts of a volume-based threshold for survey inclusion
• Analyzed mill-sourced demand for timber throughout the Northern Region (TPO data). Data cleaning, model comparison, and subsequent imputation were completed in R. Mapping was implemented through usage of a Python-based script within ArcGIS Pro

Department of Earth, Climate, and Geographic Sciences, UMass Amherst
Graduate Technical Advisor - Programming & Statistical Analysis (01.2023 - current)
• Served as the department-wide Technical Advisor for programming, data analysis, and statistical theory (R, Python, SQL, GIS scripting, statistical modeling, etc.)
• Assisted students with programming-based coursework across a range of disciplines

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - Introduction to GIS (01.2020 - 05.2020)
• Guided students through techniques used to transform and visualize geospatial data using ArcGIS Pro and provided feedback during in-class lab periods

Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, UMass Amherst
Climate Adaptation Communications Intern - MassECAN (06.2019 - 09.2019)
• Crafted Mass ECAN’s (Massachusetts Climate Adaptation Network) curated monthly newsletter through Mailchimp, featuring climate adaptation reports, news articles, job postings, and events
• Evaluated adaptation-related reports and presentations for use in Expert Work Groups
• Created a directory of UMass staff and current work group members in the adaptation field
• Assisted in planning the annual Mass ECAN Conference with a focus on outreach

• Proficiency using ArcGIS Map/Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, QGIS, and Tableau
• Proficiency in Python and R programming languages (including RMarkdown, tidyverse, etc.)
• Proficiency in MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Squarespace, and related website-building platforms
• Proficiency in statistical analysis, model-based imputation (linear, additive, mixed-effect, decision trees, RFs, GBMs, SVMs, ANNs, etc.), and hypothesis testing (p-values, t-tests, anova, etc.)
• Experienced using a host of R-based machine learning libraries including, but not limited to, ‘tidymodels’,‘caret’, ‘h2o, ‘mlr3’, ‘e1071’, ‘Rpart’, ‘TensorFlow’, ‘xts’, ‘zoo’, etc.

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Ian Kennedy

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