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Joseph Pfeffer


1918 El Parque St. #7
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (
719) 510-4991

Job Goal
Lead or team-member role on an ambitious software team using modern methods and current technologies. Hard problems appreciated.

B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Colorado

Professional Background
I have rich experience in enterprise software architecture, design, and implementation. Over my career, I've applied expertise to a variety of domains. For example, I've applied software solutions to asset management, Army weapons safety, USAF nuclear asset tracking, USCG (1) port security, electric utilities, and cadastral mapping (2). I provide expert systems design and application development in web and desktop technologies. My services delivery and software clients have included the Department of Defense, commercial, and civil clients. I regularly advise on Information Assurance and web security. I've led and participated in commercial, DoD, civil, and internal software teams.

* Development Team Leadership
* Client Communications
* Software Development Process Management & Improvement
* Training & Facilitation
* Technical Writing
* Cross-Organization Communications & Collaboration
* Portfolio Management
* CMMI, ISO 9001 Auditor
* .NET Core, .NET Framework, ASP.Net, MVC, C#, JavaScript, C, Python, PowerShell
* Enterprise Databases: Oracle, MS SqlServer, Postgres, SqLite
* Core Web Technologies: XML, HTML, CSS, XSLT, JSON
* Angular, TypeScript
* Enterprise Application Development
* Commercial Software Product Teams
* Internal Teams
* Client-Centric Development Teams
* Agile SDP: XP, Scrum, Kanban
* Waterfall SDP
* Expert OOP
* Design Patterns
* Refactoring and Legacy Maintenance Best Practice
* Unit, Integration, and UX Testing
* Performance Profiling and Mitigations
* IIS Web Server Administration, Katana, OAUTH
* Visual Studio Professional, Enterprise Architect, Visual Studio Code
* Azure DevOps, TFS, JIRA, Confluence
* Git, Svn, Stash, Visual Studio Git Changes
* Resharper, StyleCop, CodeMaid, Visio (UML)
* Eclipse, Jupyter, PyCharm
* Geospatial Technologies: ArcPortal, ArcGIS Pro, ArcSDE, ArcServer, ArcMap, ArcObjects API
* Information Assurance
* DOD PKI x509 Internet Security, DODI 8500 Series Implementation
* USAF GeoBase (3) Program: Governance, Management, Best Practices
* DOD mapping standards: FGDC, SDS-FIE

Significant Experience

SSP Innovations, LLC.
November 2019 - April 2022
SSP Innovations 6766 S Revere Pkwy #100 Centennial, CO 80112
Senior Software Engineer

* I architected, designed, and implemented a full replacement for an existing commercial product, SSP Sync. SSP Sync is a data transformation toolset for utilities organizations; it converts water, electric, and gas database content from ESRI Geometric Network schema to ESRI Utility Network schema. These are discrete technologies that cannot interact with fully incompatible schemas. The original product was problematic; running time could take upwards of 40 hours, sometime 150. The root cause is that the original product was published from the prototype of a monolithic single-threaded application. The complete solution I provided is an orchestrated system-of-systems - a fully scalable suite capable of multi-machine, multi-threaded, core-dedicated distributed processes. On delivery, running time is successfully reduced by 85%.

NexGen Technologies, Inc.
March 2018 - May 2019
Nexgen Tech. 1490 W 121st Ave, Ste 105 Westminster, CO 80234
Enterprise GIS System Administrator and Senior Software Engineering Advisor/SME

* I scripted automated solutions for managing the Bureau of Land Management's GIS system. I also advised a development team on reuse and maintainability practices.

Independent Consultant
July 2017 - April 2018
Information Assurance Subject Matter Expert

* I authored confidential guidance regarding web security, secure coding, and IT operational security.

Spatial Technologies
September 2016 - July 2017
(Spatial Technologies is no longer in business)
Software Development Lead

* I provided guidance and oversight of software development in all dimensions: security, development, business analysis, client-communications, architecture, documentation.

Missile Defense Agency, Ballistic Missile Defense Support Systems
March 2015 - August 201
(This role was for the Northrop Grumman JRDC/BMDSS (4) contract, I was under contract with TEKsystems.)
TEKsystems 102 S Tejon St Suite 600 Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Software Development Lead

* I concurrently lead two teams, converting from their ad-hoc software development process to a modified scrum process with planned sprints and a well-stewarded backlog. Emphasis on secure coding practices and architectures. Implemented OAuth (5) solution utilizing DoD PKI client certificate as users' base identities. With the teams, I performed static code analysis (6) and remediation. Extended a custom ArcServer enterprise network status system (IPSEC tunnels, routes, other network infrastructure). The system aggregates outages from multiple sources and correlates them for network management and defense teams.

Sabbatical for Guitar Studies
June 2014 - March 2015
Casa Del Sol, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Music Student

* I studied music with The Contemporary Guitar Ensemble in a residential seminar.

Geographic Information Services
March 2011 - June 2014
GISInc 2100 Riverchase Center Suite 105 Hoover, AL 35244
Senior GIS Developer

* I white-papered reusability techniques in the context of geospatial client and server systems. I developed web applications for clients including US Army, Alabama Light and Power, and GE Capital. System elements incorporated .NET component libraries for REST, Configuration Management, and proxies to ArcGIS Server. My principal technical accomplishment at GisInc is a web server library for easing implementation of asynchronous server-side processes.

* While at GisInc, I leveraged my knowledge and resources for an independent project: The Waldo Canyon Fire Public Information Map. The system is a public web map aggregating emergency data for the public during Colorado's Waldo Canyon Fire. The fire advanced into Colorado Springs where I live. The event occurred so quickly and unexpectedly that the public were looking to multiple sources for evacuation and services data. I aggregated local news websites and video as well as police/fire/city press conferences and other data sources.

* The Waldo Canyon Fire Public Information Map was unexpectedly featured with ESRI founder and CEO Jack Dangermond during his plenary at the ESRI International User Conference. Ultimately the map included
- Fire hotspots, active, and burn regions from the public NASA FIRE web map (7).
- Raw MODIS (8) infrared data.
- Evacuation Zones.
- Road and Traffic conditions.
- Pet rescue locations.
- Red Cross emergency shelters.
- Food Pantries.
- Pictures and video from public news sources.
- Utilities outages.
- Open GIS data from the City of Colorado Springs.

Booz Allen Hamilton
August 2003 - March 2011
Booz Allen Hamilton 8283 Greensboro Drive, Hamilton Building McLean, VA 22102
Senior Consultant: Geospatial Systems & Applications

* I was an onsite consultant (Web Product Manager) for USAF Space Command GeoBase program. In this role, I was responsible for web and geospatial application server Operations and Maintenance. I implemented and monitored web server security, including USAF PKI. I collaborated with functional communities (9) to elicit geospatial requirements and provide focused web-based tool sets. I managed the ESRI internet mapping web stack. As a policy advisor, I established guidelines for publishing controlled (10) geospatial information to the web with positive access control based on the USAF PKI policy and guidance. I managed version and patch upgrades, recovery, and software roadmaps. As a Command-level advisor, I lead installation counterparts on web security, application development, web server best practices, and conformance to US Air Force technical requirements.

* As one of the US Air Force Space Command GeoBase architects, I led discussions with peers across the Air Force to determine near and long-term architectures. Together, we created enterprise-wide requirements serving Pentagon-level to Airman user requirements. Established near-term and long-term solutions accounting for traditional GIS-as-spatial-asset-management and cross-system mash-up capabilities for ad-hoc problem solving. I participated with a coalition of Air Force, contractor and civilian staff to create the USAF GeoBase future program architecture recommendations.

* I designed and implemented Talon/Cruiser Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system for tracking vehicles in the Air Force ICBM missile fields. Integrated portable locator units, the satellite network, the ground-based Mission Management Center, and geospatial resources to create a command center tool for vehicle location over six states and thousands of square miles. I implemented the web application identity tier with a hybrid client-certificate/LDAP identity management solution. My work is recognized at upper echelons and won me a Blue Force Tracking Commander's Coin.

* I was a Senior Application Developer for large-scale satellite asset scheduling and management. I designed and implemented a network monitoring system using a software-agent architecture and web services. Integrated with HP OpenView (11) to provide real-time network conditions to each remote user interface. The team capitalized on the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library for maximum efficiency e.g. logging and uniform exception handling. The team also integrated several third-party UI component libraries, maximizing developer effort on the business rules and workflow.

* Other software contributions
- Prototyping AVL for Maritime Domain Awareness. The system is a Modeling & Simulation tool set for building maritime-centric intelligence collection scenarios.
- Modelling & Simulation of TCPED (12) for satellite collections. Integrated ESRI and other geospatial products with a simulator leveraging AGI Systems ToolKit (13). Utilized High-Level Architecture (14) standard.

Colorado DataScapes
2000 - 2003
(Colorado DataScapes is no longer in business)
Senior Applications Developer

* My roles included business analyst and systems designer for Army National Guard and US Air Force Reserve Command web mapping systems. The systems' emphases are on the GeoBase military installation mapping program. I coordinated with subject matter experts to ensure that GIS tools provided high end-user utility for Facility Modeling, Space Utilization, and Site Planning.

* I designed and implemented the Weapons Systems Safety Application for the Crusader weapon system testing regimen at Yuma Proving Ground. The system integrates automated vehicle location, fence-incursion, and proximity detection algorithms for human-safety operations.

* I implemented many first-generation web mapping tools for DoD clients. In many cases, I provided fully custom web clients to avoid the early catastrophic instability of the early COTS web clients.

Nakata Planning Group
1999 - 2000
(Nakata Planning Group is no longer in business)
Web Development Lead

* I created landmark enterprise facility planning and utilization applications for the Air Force Reserve Command. The system publishes building footprints and internal floorplans for several Air Bases. System elements include ArcIMS, Oracle, and custom database applications. The essential integration is a web mapping (GIS) component to existing asset management and space-use data. I organized tasks and coordinated delivery schedule with leadership.

End Notes
1 United States Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security.

2 A map or survey showing the extent, value, and ownership of land, especially for taxation.

3 GeoBase is the United States Air Force's mapping program for non-operational asset management, environmental regulation, security and fire response, and other installation activities. This is a high-accuracy data set; the USAF submits aggregated GeoBase data to the United States Congress for appropriations evaluation.

4 Joint Regional Defense Command/Ballistic Missile Defense Support System

5 Open Authorization is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way for internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites

6 The running of Static Code Analysis tools that attempt to highlight possible vulnerabilities within 'static' (non-running) source code.

7 Fire Information for Resource Management website

8 Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

9 In Department of Defense, functional communities refer to matrixed organizations' missions, such as Fire, Security Force, Inspector General, Civil Engineering, Utilities and Communications Infrastructure.

10 Controlled information includes For Official Use Only, Secret, Law Enforcement Classified, and other classifications.

11 HP OpenView is the former name for a Hewlett-Packard product family that consisted of network and systems monitoring and management products.

12 TCPED is an intelligence management technique comprising Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination.

13 Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a mission engineering application for the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and other industries. It features an accurate, physics-based modeling environment to analyze platforms and payloads in a realistic mission context.

14 High Level Architecture is a standard for distributed simulation, used when building a simulation for a larger purpose by federating several simulations.

Joseph Pfeffer

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