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Shahab Adeli


UAVs Pilot (Experienced), Arcgis (Experienced), Agisoft Metashape (Experienced),Pix4d(Experienced), ContextCapture(Experienced), Envi (Experiences), Erdas Imagine
(Experienced), Idrisi (Experienced), Google Earth (Experienced), Global Mapper (Experienced),
SPSS( good), Surfer (good), QGis (experienced), Ilwis(good), Geoserver(good), PostGIS (good),
Arcgis Server (good), Autocad (good),Unreal Engine (good), Adobe Photoshop(good), Ms Office (Experienced), Adobe After effect and Premiere (good), Python(Moderate),
OpenCv(Moderate), google earth engine (Moderate).
I interested in this fields:
Aerial Surveying and 3D Mapping by UAVs, GIS and Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing (Thermal, Multispectral), Webgis, Geodatabase, Network Analysis, Spatial Analysis,3D Modeling, Site Selection, DTM, Environment Planning, Natural Disasters Management, River and Lake management , Agriculture Fields Management, Natural Hazards and Disasters, AR and VR by Unreal engine, Image Processing.

Shahab Adeli

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Posted 2023-01-09 under Specialist