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Geng Tian

Iowa City, IA, USA

University of Iowa Aug. 2019- Jun. 2021(expected)
 Degree: M.A. in Geography (emphasis on Geographic Information Science) (STEM)
 Courses: Algorithm, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, High Performance and Parallel Computing, Introduction to Geospatial Programming, Introduction to Database, Introduction to Visualization, Machine Learning, Information Visualization, Environmental Remote Sensing
Wuhan University Sept. 2015- Jun. 2019
 Degree: B.S. in Geographical Information Science
 Courses: Data Structure, Linear Algebra, Discrete mathematics, Principle and application of GIS, Software development of GIS, GIS Engineering Design, WebGIS and Geographic Information Service.
 Language: C#, C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript
 Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
 Backend: Azure Cosmos, Parallel Programming, Servlet, MVC, Apache Tomcat, .Net framework
 Frontend: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Observable Notebook, Bootstrap, App development, Openlayer, Leaflet, D3, Google API, Baidu API, Qt
 GIS software: ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcPy, ENVI, ERDAS, QGIS, GRASS, SuperMap, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, ArcScene
 Map platform: Google Map, Baidu Map, Tencent Map, AMap, OpenStreetMap,ESRI StoryMap
Software Development Engineer Jun. 2020- August 2020
Company: ESRI Place: Redlands, CA (virtual) Position: Internship Language: C#
 Develop and enhance REST API of ArcGIS Online in terms of spatial query, feature editing, etc.
 Optimize and automate CDN cache (Azure Cloud) system of ArcGIS Online. Automatically cache useful features without client’s request by analyzing the spatial characteristics of input geometry.
 Find the optimal division of layer space by S2Geometry cells. Develop the method to cache spatial query results and record the dirty area (outdated area after edits) by S2Geometry cells.
 Update the old cache after the edits. Record the area that has been influenced by edit and refresh the outdated cache when the client requests them.
 Post process the query result by checking the intersection between the query’s extent and the cache extent. In most cases, the response of cache is greater than the query’s extent, but we make sure what the user gets is no more than what he wants.
Wuhan University Campus Sightseeing Application and Official Online Map Jun. 2017- Nov. 2017
 Develop a back-end program for Android application named “Luoyou”, which serves sightseeing visitors of Wuhan University.
 Use Spring MVC structure to reply requests from the front end by GeoJson format.
 Maintain map data in PostgreSQL and make spatial query by SQL with PostGIS extension.
 Provide point of interest (POI), shortest path (PgRouting), location-based searching to the front end by APIs opened to the front end.
Flow Mapping Application Jun. 2020- present
 Develop a flow mapping application for research visualization in the department lab.
 Build the visualization interface and map service structure with CSS/HTML/Javascript/Ajax.
 Use OpenLayers6 to develop map interface, which is able to generate base maps from different sources and provide map service for all the world.
 Use d3 to visualize the country, nodes and states. It supports major scientific classification methods like quantile, k-means and can adjust top flows or color schemes to maximize visualization performance.
 Use Bootstrap to develop user friendly and efficient interface. It has provided good user experience and is used by my advisor and colleagues in visualizing their figures in papers.

Geng Tian

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