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Jennifer Kay

San Diego, CA, USA

2005 Present
City of Escondido, Escondido, CA
Bachelors of Arts,
Geography/Methods of
Geographic Analyis
San Diego State University
San Diego CA

18 years of GIS and cartography experience working with local, county and state agencies

Experienced and knowledgeable in managing and administering large, complex datasets

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Thorough understanding and expertise with GIS concepts and practices and in in the following software and tools:

ArcGIS 10.x and extensions
ESRI Storymaps and Dashboards
Spatial data management, manipulation, and analysis
SDE databases (Oracle & SQL)
Modelbuilder & scripting for workflow automation tasks

Duties include:
Production of maps, analyses, and presentational materials for all aspects of city government, including city council presentations and public announcements utilizing Esri storymaps and dashboards. work with a variety of city departments on a wide array of projects, including data support for public safety CAD systems and cityworks. I am involved with the creation and maintenance of SDE Oracle databases, and am frequently called upon to resolve issues with users.
●Managing all data related to emergency response/CAD dispatch
●Responsible for geographic data related to planning/development
●Creates and maintains core datasets to specific city standards for use in various applications (cityworks, etc.)
●Training of city staff and community members in the use of communication tools such as storymaps and dashboards
●Automation of recurring tasks, such as ingestion of new data from a regional database into our own database/format
●Responsible for the training and supervision of interns and part-time employees working on a variety of projects for various departments

Jennifer Kay

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