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Christopher Cardinal

San Francisco, CA, USA


● Many years in GIS, data management and analysis, in diverse fields including land conservation, urban planning, urban ecology, and epidemiology
● Excellent technical problem solving and project management skills honed by more than a decade as an IT professional
● Proven experience in simultaneously managing numerous independent projects

● A web app for parents, teachers and community leaders to find programs for their children, students, community (going live in September 2019):
● An interactive climate change map of the United States, as a part of an online essay sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s on the The New York Times website; data provided by NRDC:
● A crowd-sourced, web-based map displaying human rights research around the world:

GIS/Data Specialist, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, 2018 – Present
● Manage all aspects of ArcGIS Online.
● Lead planning for ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment.
● Develop and support three custom .Net MVC web

GIS/Web Consultant, The New York Times, New York City, 2015 – 2016
● Developed idea for an animated map showing climate
change in the United States.
● Worked with scientists at the National Resources Defense Counsel to obtain and display climate change data.

Christopher Cardinal

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