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Andrew Grubb

Hays, KS, USA

Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Expected May 2019
Fort Hays State University

Bachelor of Science May 2017
University of Louisville
Major: Geography
Minor: Anthropology

Software/Technical Proficiencies:
ArcMap Extensions (Spatial, Network, 3D)
ArcGIS Pro
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
Programming (Introduction Level) Python and ArcPy
Google Earth
United States National Grid

GIS AND Related Coursework:
Advanced GIS Fort Hays State University
Intermediate GIS Fort Hays State University
Introduction to GIS University of Louisville
GIS and Public Health University of Louisville
Advanced Cartography Fort Hays State University
Mapping-Geospatial Technology University of Louisville
Geostatistics and Spatial Data Analysis
Fort Hays State University
Remote Sensing Concepts Fort Hays State University
Aerial Photographs and Remote Sensing
Fort Hays State University

Professional Experience:
2019 FHSU Campus GIS Project
2018-2019 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant,
Fort Hays State University, Forsyth Library

2017-2018 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant,
Fort Hays State University Department of Geosciences.
GSCI 110 VB World Geography
GSCI 110 VC World Geography

Relevant Experience:
2016-2017 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant,
University of Louisville, Department of Geography and Geosciences.
GEOS 200 01 The Global Environment
GEOS 200 02 The Global Environment
GEOS 219 01 Meteorology Lab

2016 Intern, Louisville Nature Center

Andrew Grubb

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