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Steven Russell

Buffalo, NY, USA

Steven W. Russell Jr., EIT, GISP

Looking for a Director of GIS/IT or GIS Manager position. Will consider GIS development work. Open to relocating.


2008 – 2013 University at Buffalo: Buffalo, New York
Notes: PhD – Geography: Geographic Information Systems
Dissertation: Remote Sensing – Automating Impervious Surface Classifications

2006 – 2008 University at Buffalo: Buffalo, New York
Degree: Masters of Arts: Geography: Geographic Information Systems, June 2008
Masters Project: Percent Impervious Classifications Using Remote Sensing Methods

1998 – 1999 University at Buffalo: Buffalo, New York
Notes: GPA: 3.42, M. Eng. - Environmental Engineering.
Research: Recycling of Industrial Grinding Swarf

1995 – 1998 University at Buffalo: Buffalo, New York
Degree: Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering, June 1998


2015 – GISP (GIS Professional). Certification Number 91262
1999 – Engineer in Training (EIT) – Passed Fundamentals of Engineering Exam


• Current New York State GIS Award Committee Member
• Member of the Western New York GIS User Group since beginning
• Previous Western New York GIS User Group Steering Committee Member
• Past President of the WNYGIS Water/Wastewater Group


2001 – Present Senior IT Engineer – Erie County Division of Sewerage Management, Buffalo, NY

GIS/IT Project Manager and GIS Developer – Taken on the roles of GIS Manager, GIS Programmer, GIS Tech, GIS Analyst, GIS/IT Developer, Web and Software Developer, Mobile Dev, Tech Support, and GIS Trainer

• Designed (from scratch), operate, and maintain Division’s GIS (sanitary and storm)
• Collected sewer information from AutoCAD, paper maps and field work into Divisions GIS
• Prepared AutoCAD and scanned images/drawings for GIS migration
• Responsible for all GIS edits
• Responsible for providing electronic and paper maps for the Division

GIS Software
• Daily use of ArcGIS 10.5 software to maintain Enterprise GIS
• Developed ESRI Apps using ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder, Collector, Studio123
• Installation and maintenance of all desktop ArcGIS installs for Division
• Microsoft Access - Relational database design, operation and maintenance
• SQL Server – Administration of GIS data across a variety of programs

GIS/IT Budget
• Responsible for setting Divisions annual IT/GIS Budget
• Responsible for hardware and software selections and hardware/software maintenance

GIS/Mobile Hardware
• Responsible for operation and maintenance, including deployment and development of Panasonic Toughbooks, Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4, Android tablets, MiFi’s, Air Cards
• ArcGIS Server – Responsible for maintenance across the Production/Dev servers
• Responsible for maintaining SQL Server on UFPO and Intranet
• Responsible for operation and maintenance of License Managers for GPS/Survey, XP-SWMM, AutoCAD, and ArcGIS

GIS Projects
• Developed and maintained Manhole Inspection eForm using ArcPad on Mobile devices
• Developed Flushing and Manhole Inspection LT Apps using ESRI’s Collector on Panasonic Android ToughPad’s with results in real time on an ESRI Web AppBuilder site
• Mobile Worker Project – Setup and dev of putting Division information on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This includes AutoCAD, OnBase, SAP, Pictometry and GIS Apps

• Selected, supervised and mentored interns to assist in the development of start-up GIS
• Responsible for the supervision of 1-2 GIS staff, and 1-4 continuous interns since 2003.

GIS/IT Training
• Lunchtime seminars on new technologies
• Trained all Division personnel (office and field staff) to use GIS/IT applications
• Designed GIS/IT training sessions and application seminars, and administered the training
• Developed user manuals

• SharePoint design – Created Division’s GIS SharePoint site, including setting up Alert Me notifications for GIS updates
• Started Divisions newsletters, The Hot Seat and Triple Flush
• Authored article in ESRI’s national newsletter, Water Writes on Erie County’s Mobile GIS Program.
• Public Outreach – lectured at UB, ECC and Buff State on Division’s GIS work
• Presented at numerous local and national conferences including ESRI User Conference
• RFP Writing – Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) Project, Online SWMM modeling Project and, As-built drawing Information to GIS database
• Adding information to County webpage (Drupal)
• Designed, and maintained DSM Intranet website using ColdFusion.
• Maintenance of existing Intranet with a SQL Server Express backend

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
• Worked in the Erie County EOC during storm/disaster events producing GIS deliverables including GIS software dev, paper and electronic maps

 Responsible for purchasing, installing, operating, training staff, and updating GPS software/hardware
 GPS/RTK’d ~75% (50,000 points) of every storm and sanitary asset within the Division
 Handheld GPS solutions for IT/GIS development

UFPO (Underground Facility Protection Organization)
• Project Manager Underground Facility Protection Organization (UFPO)
• Program was a 2015 NYS GIS Association GIS Application Award Finalist
• Project uses the software; Dig Smart, SQL Server, infraMAP and Windows-based devices to provide paperless UFPO ticket processing
• Responsible for maintaining and updating software/hardware and providing tech support.
• Training of office and secretarial staff

2000 – 2001 Engineer II - Nussbaumer & Clarke, Buffalo, New York
• Land Development
• Wastewater process design
• Water distribution modeling using EPANET
• Submittal review
• Report writing
• Inflow & Infiltration studies
• HEC-RAS analysis
• Drainage/detention basin design
• Webpage design including JavaScript programming
• Relational database administration and design

1999 – 2000 Engineer - Morris Associates, Poughkeepsie, New York
• Operation and maintenance of a drinking water pilot plant
• Process design for water and wastewater treatment plants
• Water district feasibility studies
• Report writing
• Designing wellhead protection plans
• Wrote specs for Underground Storage Tank (UST) removals
• Designed MS Access based pump maintenance/inventory program
• Relational database administration and design
• Web page design including Java/JavaScript programming
• Web page administration


Fall 2012 – Present Erie Community College, Associate Professor, Williamsville, NY
Classes: Developed and taught all four (4) classes in the GIS Certificate Program. GP150 - Intro to GIS, GP250 - GIS Skills and Techniques, GP140 - Intro to Geospatial Tech, and GP290 - Advanced Topics in GIS – Web GIS
Advanced GIS Topics: GIS and Health, Web GIS, LiDAR, Remote Sensing

Summer 2012 – University at Buffalo; GEO211 Univariate Statistics
Notes: Developed class and taught 20+ students

Summer 2010 – University at Buffalo; GEO481/506 – Geographic Information Systems
Notes: Developed class and taught 15 students


Advanced Computer Knowledge

• Full ArcGIS implementation and design, GPS/RTK (ArcPad, Terrasync, Collector) integration
• Web Development with ArcGIS Server and Geocortex Essentials (HTML5 Viewers)
• Extensive design skills in AutoCAD or Microstation
• Web page design – 20+ years’ experience
• Drone (DJI Phantom 3) Operation and Maintenance
• Advanced HTML authoring and Internet apps (JavaScript, Perl, CGI scripting, Forms etc.)
• Advised personnel on proper computer operation and maintenance
• Proficient in all aspects of PC operations including repairs
• Skilled knowledge of ArcGIS 10.x, GIS Server 10.x, SQL Server/ArcSDE, ENVI 5.0, IDL, Erdas Imagine 9.x,, Geocortex Essentials, ESRI 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst and Geostatistical Analyst Extensions, AutoCAD 201x, Trimble Business Center, Trimble Pathfinder Office, HEC-RAS, EPANET, GMS (Groundwater Modeling Software), SQL Server 20xx, VB, VBA, Visual Studio 20xx, Dreamweaver MX, ColdFusion MX, Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC

Steven Russell

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