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Hudson Chase


Career Objective
GIS Analyst – Specifically directed in the fields of Cartographic Conventions in land survey and Remote Sensing; where an analyst may perform specialized tasks in Data Analytics in tandem with Project Management.

Radford University
2016 to Present (Spring 2018 Graduation)
Major: Geospatial Science (Geoinformatics)
Certificate: USGIF GEOINT (Upon Graduation)
Current GPA: 4.0
Virginia Polytechnic and State University
2015 to 2016
Major: Biology
New River Community College
2014 to 2015
Major: Biology

Relevant Classwork
Spatial Analysis Techniques (Fall ’17)
Devoted to description and application of methods for analyzing spatial distributions and to evaluation and assessment of geographic research problems in the context of GIS technology.
Field Research Methods (Fall ’17)
Basic elements of geographic field research performed in Radford area. Course focuses on tools of field analysis. Students prepare single or group projects as indication of acquisition of logic of spatial analysis.
Database from the Manager’s Perspective (Fall ’17)
An examination of enterprise database management systems and reporting tools from the user/manager perspective. Emphasis is on data gathering, data organization, data retrieval, data integrity, and security. Database systems for transaction processing and data warehousing are compared and contrasted. Reporting, data mining, and decision support systems are introduced.
Programming in Python
Encompassed training in the programming language that GIS cartographic conventions such as ArcGIS and Esri are based in.
Maps and Mapping
Encompassed training in interpreting USGS maps and calculations in spatial measurements of various types. Also included introductory topics of ArcGIS and Esri programs.
Intro to GIS
Encompassed training in introductory GIS techniques and analysis; including the use of desktop and web-based, ArcGIS and Esri programs. And is designed to introduce students to the general concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and how to use GIS across a wide variety of disciplines.
Fundamentals of Cartography
Cartographic theory with a focus on map design will be discussed in lecture and in practice with a lab. Topics will include but are not limited to studying map layout, balance, typography, color use, use of map projections for presenting spatial information, use of map symbols, as well as learning to design different categories of maps including dot maps, proportional symbols, and choropleth maps.
Intermediate GIS Concepts
Intermediate GIS concepts will be studied related to geoprocessing and analyzing geographic phenomena. Students will learn to use various extensions and tools for a variety of GIS routines. Data structures in GIS, date sources for GIS, and data and software compatibility issues in GIS will be covered.

Work Experience
GIS Specialist/Planning Intern Community Development at the City of Alpharetta– Alpharetta, GA
Summer 2017
● Working experience with ESRI ArcGIS within an enterprise versioned environment
● LiDAR feature extraction as identified from LAS Datasets, images and associated data
● Digitization of features to be versioned for use in ESRI web applications

Work-Study Employee Radford University (Geospatial Science Department) – Radford, VA
Fall 2016 to May 2017 & Fall 2017 to Spring 2018
● Facilitated faculty members in various ways: running errands, retrieving mail, ensuring lab safety.
● Stocking the department office daily to ensure timely use of equipment.
● Worked on projects in tandem with faculty to come to conclusions based off geospatial data.
● Assisted fellow students in GIS related operations and analyses as well as handling department equipment.

Volunteer Experience
● Hope World-Wide Summer Brigade: Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbados (2010-2014) - Helped administer vaccinations and provided hygienic and healthcare supplies to impoverished areas.
● “Disciples on Campus: MLK Day of Service” (2014-2015) – distributed fire awareness pamphlets and smoke detectors.
● “Banquet for the Homeless” (2015-2016) - cooked food and served for the homeless of Roanoke.
● “Renew the New” (2016) – Worked in tandem with others to excavate debris and waste from the New River.

● Member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
● Member of The Honor Society of Gamma Theta Upsilon (International Geographic Honor Society)

● Proficient in navigating Microsoft Office Suite components.
● Excellent Computer skills.
● Adept in programming in the Python.
● Trained in web-based and desktop based Esri and ArcGIS programs.

Personal Attributes/Work Values
● Strong work ethic
● Initiative
● Dependable
● Strong Communication and analytical skills
● Good Time Management
● Responsibility/Reliability
● Can work well in both teams and alone
● Congeniality/Friendliness
● Trainable

Hudson Chase

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