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GIS Specialist

Overland Park, KS, USA
The work environment and culture RSP has created will allow the person the ability to learn specific school planning GIS skills, and the flexibility to become a leader in the school GIS field. The GIS Analyst position requires a diverse background in multiple disciplines/experiences. The person likely has a degree in Geography, Computer Science, Engineering, or Planning and 3-5 years of related work experience. The person should have the following experience and/or traits in the following areas:

Data Collection and Analysis

Communication and/or Collaboration

General Map Creation and Editing with ESRI Software (Desktop, Pro, Business Analyst)

Strong working ability of geospatial database management skills

Ability to accurately analyze Geocode addresses

Ability to create and populate new data sets to include polygons that align with other datasets (Parcels, Roads, etc.)

Utilization of geospatial statistics in projects
Create / update documentation of each project

Basic programming skills as it relates to ESRI products

Creativity in providing analysis, maps, and/or tools that will help clients understand what is happening in their community

Organizational Contributions

Salary commensurate with experience, health and retirement benefits.

To apply: please email your resume to We will be evaluating applications on a rolling basis.

Our purpose at RSP is to make a positive impact in the lives of not only our clients, but each person our client serves. We must take responsibility and act in accordance with our values so each of these communities advance the values their community deem to be important to improving the ability of students to be be college and/or career ready.

Apply via email to

7111 West 151st Street
Overland Park, KS, 66223 USA


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