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GIS Analyst

Remote, MN, USA
•Analyze geospatial data using ArcGIS online, ArcGIS Pro, or Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) to identify patterns, trends and relationships.
•Create web maps and visualizations that communicate complex GIS data concisely for CNS clients to understand, interpret and ultimately make decisions with.
•Manage data to ensure that it is accurate, up-to-date, and organized in a way that supports decision-making.
•Perform quality assurance measures by cleaning and correcting data or process errors.
•Works collaboratively with other GIS and engineering personnel as well as clients and their affiliates to ensure that projects meet business requirements.
•Provides insights and recommendations based on geospatial analysis to support business decisions.
•May run reports and presentations to communicate findings to stakeholders.
•Carries out the customization of GIS tools, creates GIS databases, and develops web-based GIS applications for CNS client needs.
•Integrates geospatial data and systems with other data sources such as environmental, customer, and marketing data depending on client needs.
•Ability to create, maintain and train on database design and data modeling.
•Creates maps and visualizations that allow users to interact with geospatial data in meaningful and customized ways. Includes building custom dashboards and creating interactive reports.
•Troubleshoots GIS data to ensure quality control is maintained and systems are functioning properly. Addresses any issues in an efficient manner.
•Perform basic integration tasks using ESRI / ArcGIS Enterprise and ESRI extension platforms.
•Configure and maintain maps and applications using ESRI ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Field Maps, Survey 123, FME, and other map-based functions.
•Document tools, processes, and procedures related to GIS data management and analysis work.
•Provides technical explanations and educates internal and external contacts.
•Understanding and ability to manage multi-tiered software applications (web, databases, middleware, and others)
•Interface and coordinate workflow directly with internal and external departments, vendors, and organizations.
•Manage multiple projects for clients simultaneously, achieving project goals in a timely manner within deadlines.
•Manage and maintain system functionality.

•Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology (IT), Land Surveying, GIS, Civil Engineering, or equivalent work experience.
•Five or more years of ESRI / ArcGIS.
•Two or more years of Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) preferred
•Three or more years with installing, designing, and implementing features into ESRI / ArcGIS Enterprise.
•Three or more years’ experience in system and database performance tuning and/or quality assurance.

Apply online here or via email to

Cooperative Network Services
14 Main Street
Menahga, MN, 56464 USA


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