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Visiting Scholar: Sustainable Food Access

Richmond, VA, USA
The Center For Environmental Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University is seeking to recruit a 12-month, visiting scientist position as part of a Sustainable Food Access Transdisciplinary Core. This position is open to wide population of scholars ranging from sabbatical fellows to individuals just finishing their terminal degree. They may also be rolled into a full-time tenure track position for the right individual. The core aims to explore a ‘smart city’ (data science) approach to identifying and understanding urban agriculture and ameliorating the problem of food deserts. This core is needed to address persistent issues related to food access and security, particularly those experienced by low-income families and historically underserved communities. Broader goals are to promote diversity in all its forms, and to further collaborative knowledge generation that enhances urban communities.

This position will be housed in the Center for Environmental Studies (, a research and teaching unit with strengths in Environmental Policy, Big Data Analytics, Demographic Modeling, Geospatial Analysis, GIS, and Remote Sensing.

This position will be open until filled.

Dr. Rodney J. Dyer, Director
Center for Environmental Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University

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Richmond, VA, 23284 USA
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