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GIS Data Curation & Spatial Geoprocessing

Kingston, NY, USA
Come be apart of "PropTech," history, using your wide variety of Geographic Information Systems applications and skills as well as all other technologically proficient niches discussed below. Land Defined Technologies, a New York State based C Corp, is currently looking for both residents of NY and remote personnel from around the world to fill intern, part and full time job positions to become part of our ever growing team!

We are primarily looking for GIS data curation and spatial geoprocessing experts, scientists, and engineers. GIS Professionals who have worked in the corporate world, the municipal level, as consultants, as well as ambitious young soon to be graduates who want to change the world, this job is for you. Everyone will start off as a 30-60 day intern to see if we are a right fit for you and vice-versa. Those with GIS Web and App development skills, front-end website designer skills who are interested in showcasing their skills, data algorithmists, machine learning experts and Augmented and Virtual Realty lovers, you never know when the right opportunity is just around the corner!

The first 30-60 days will be in an intern position working on a specific data curation and spatial geoprocessing job for a large client with the expectation that many of you already have GIS licenses to the largest GIS firms available to perform the spatial geoprocessing Analysis with the possibility of flexible remote work stations. This invitation is extended to all real estate agent brokers and investors as well who are proficient with current real estate technologies, especially GIS.

If you are interested in finally being able to implement your patentable applications in the GIS real estate sector, such as Spatial Decision Making, MCDA, MODA, and beyond, this is the company for you! The future is bright and we are looking for highly driven candidates to be apart of a month to two month project that could very well turn into a life long career!

Kindly forward on your resume and cover letter to Evan Spero at and our CTO, Doug Prechtl at In the cover letter let us know a little bit about yourself, what your geospatial passions are, your GIS and other background work and why you think you would  be an awesome extension to our team at Land Defined Technologies!  Kindly wait to hear from us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply via email to

Land Defined Technologies Corp.
101 Hurley Avenue, Suite 214
Kingston, NY, 12401 USA


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