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The GIS Programmer supports teams across the organization who need to leverage GIS technology for their project needs. The focus is the creation of scalable and scriptable solutions that will answer pressing questions across multiple communities in the United States. The GIS Programmer will be involved in all aspects of project development, from ETL to deliverable. The common thread is the need for a geospatial solution to the problem at hand.

The GIS Programmer must be an effective communicator with other collaborators from varying backgrounds and areas of technical expertise. These include both human interest and environmental backgrounds. The position requires versatility and creative thinking in order to meet business goals. Familiarity with a diverse set of geospatial tools is a must. The GIS programmer will be particularly well versed in open source and cutting-edge solutions.

Regular activities will include the participation in brainstorm sessions, the research of appropriate solutions and the implementation of the geospatial goals of each project.

A bachelor's degree and previous open source GIS programming experience is required. Background in QGIS, ogr2ogr, GDAL, and Python are required. Javascript is a plus. Additionally, the proven ability to work collaboratively on diverse teams needs to be demonstrated in the application package. They must work effectively on their own, as well as in a team setting with peers of varying subject area expertise. This position is part-time. Huge growth potential for correct candidate. Competitive salary.

GIS Programmer Tasks

Translate the business requirements of a project into actionable steps to completion.
Communicate need for additional resources to meet proposed goals.
Script regular processes using R, Python, ogr2ogr and GDAL.
Support the development of web mapping apps.
Create new geospatial datasets using PostGIS.
Work effectively with multiple managers simultaneously to meet business timelines.

Please apply to:
Use the subject line "Applying for GIS Programmer Position - 2019

Apply online here or via email to

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