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Idaho Ecological Monitoring Data Specialist

Boise, ID, USA
The Great Basin Institute (GBI) partners with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) throughout the western United States to implement vegetation monitoring programs such as the BLM’s Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) program. The AIM program is a BLM initiative to collect field data on rangeland indicators characterizing soil, vegetation, and hydrologic resources with an overarching goal to inform land management decisions and conservation actions.

The BLM's field offices in Idaho collect terrestrial AIM and related datasets on 12 million acres to document effectiveness of the decisions established in Recourse Management Plans, to determine treatment effectiveness, and for habitat evaluation and other purposes through the implementation of the AIM strategy. GBI seeks to fill a Data Management Specialist for data management, processing and analysis in support of the AIM data collection and sage-grouse habitat assessment efforts in Idaho from January 2023 to March 2025 (total of 26 Months). This data specialist is required to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of terrestrial AIM data collection and data management protocols to enable rigorous data review procedures. The Idaho Data Specialist will work at the BLM Idaho State Office to assist BLM staff with review and completion of QA/QC procedures for AIM datasets, provide technical support and training to the field in the use of Field Maps and/or Survey123, work with BLM staff on data management, and storage issues for AIM and related datasets, and complete analysis and reporting using AIM data as needed for completion of the BLM business. The data specialist will work directly with BLM staff on a daily basis, and will coordinate with the state AIM lead and monitoring coordinator for identification and completion of day-to-day tasks.

This position is intended to be run at the BLM Idaho State Office, with the potential for occasional work-from-home options. Additional travel may be required to support field crews, and for workshops on incorporating AIM data into land health evaluations.

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