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Geospatial Developer

Portland, OR, USA
Geospatial Developer

Overview: Seeking a curious, clever, self-starting Developer to join our tightly knit team of geospatialists. We are the Gartrell Group, a Pacific Northwest-based consulting firm specializing in cloud-based geospatial systems and solutions. We serve a longstanding and growing client base of customers from the private and public sectors. Our services include strategic planning, solution design and development, and managed services. Our work extends across several of the leading GIS software platforms, involves cloud and mobile technology and features extensive system integration and automation. Working closely and collaboratively with our customers to help realize location intelligence goals is our jam. We’re currently looking for a new team member to help us continue to deliver superb service with a burgeoning workload and a growing number of interesting, longer term engagements.

Position Description: This position offers the ideal candidate an opportunity to participate directly in designing and developing state-of-the-art geospatial solutions that provide insight, deliver efficiencies and help solve real world problems. Opportunities and responsibilities include:

• Implementing Enterprise Information System (EIS) frameworks and software solutions from requirements gathering through architecture, development and implementation;
• Translating system requirements into software architecture and design specifications;
• Performing best-practices development, testing, tuning, deployment, and maintenance operations;
• Writing clean, efficient, well-documented code individually and, at times, in paired or collaborative scenarios;
• Developing solutions that integrate both open and closed source/commercial GIS software products;
• Developing database-integrated solutions involving various RDBMSs, unstructured data, cloud data products and big data;
• Developing system integration and/or automation solutions;
• Working with contemporary JavaScript libraries and frameworks;
• Collaborating with team mates to implement solutions across the full stack integrating data stores, middleware and ETL to front end components;
• Performing experimentation and R&D on emerging geospatial technologies;
• Working with cloud / infrastructure specialists, database architects, fellow developers and UX/UI designers to design and implement user-focused solutions that advance client capabilities;
• Performing test-driven development within an Agile context and supporting / coordinating with application testers;
• Providing post-implementation support for customer solutions;
• Proposing, designing and developing geospatial solutions that add value to customer operations, help realize strategic objectives and integrate contemporary GIS technologies and capabilities.
Desired Skills and Qualifications:
• Preferred degree in computer science, software engineering, GIS engineering, or related field;
• Excellent written and verbal communication;
• Enthusiasm for collaborative, team-style work environments;
• Ability to work effectively in a self-directed manner;
• Three or more years of related technology experience;
• Knowledge of geospatial concepts and software solutions;
• Previous experience developing system integration or automation solutions using Python / ArcPy;
• Experience with web services including SOA, ESB, REST, WMS and XML;
• Writing and leveraging APIs extensively;
• Experience with React.JS
• Previous experience developing solutions involving mapping software such as ESRI, Leaflet, OpenLayers, Mapbox, PostGIS, HERE, CartoDB, or Google;
• Experience with source code management (GIT) and DevOps tools, methods and practices;
• Experience building database-integrated solutions with SQL Server, mySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and / or cloud-based data stores;
• Cloud platform experience and / or work with containerization, auto-scaling applications;
• Experience with identity management frameworks.

Location: Portland, OR preferred, not required (US-based)
Travel: Occasional travel
Clearance: Not required

Apply online here or via email to

The Gartrell Group, Inc.
1300 Se Stark Street, Ste 304
Portland, OR, 97214 USA


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