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Cadastral Mapper/Transfer Analyst

Bridgeport, CA, USA
Mono County is Hiring for a Cadastral Mapper/Transfer Analyst

Under direction, prepares and maintains GIS parcel data and associated map products as required by the Mono County Assessor and State of California Board of Equalization; analyze and research deeds and other property records for the purpose of accurate mapping; and performs other work as assigned.

This is the entry level position in the Cadastral series primarily responsible for creating, maintaining, and incrementally improving Assessor parcel data and associated information stored in a GIS format. The work performed in this position directly supports the State requirements of the Mono County Assessor’s Office. Incumbents are required to have strong GIS editing skills, general understanding of cartographic design and theory, general understanding of property legal descriptions, knowledge of map recordation processes, knowledge of the importance of mapping standards, and competence in analyzing and researching deeds for mapping purposes. The incumbent should possess a strong understanding of the work required to complete projects and be able to work toward that goal in a team environment.

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:
• Produce Assessor Parcel Maps which meet State of California Board of Equalization standards using GIS.
• Maintain, create, and improve GIS-based parcel data using industry standard technologies and approaches.
• Interpret written legal descriptions for physical property and translate said descriptions into mapped boundaries.
• Assist with the maintenance of other GIS datasets which relate to or intersect with parcel data.
• Work closely with the Mono County Assessor, Public Works, and Community Development departments to remain engaged in the map recordation process.
• Coordinate and work closely with members of the Information Technology GIS Division to ensure that data is accurately created and maintained and that regular updates to critical County systems are taking place.
• Post to and maintain the Assessor Parcel Map section of the County’s digital static map library.
• Develop and maintain documentation and other standards as needed.
• Search recorded deeds and surveys to determine correct locations and descriptions of properties.
• Compile new property descriptions, add new subdivisions, lot splits, lot mergers, and condominiums to the Assessor’s parcel maps.
• Provide information to the public regarding map changes, deeds, title searches, and other matters.
• Analyze recorded and unrecorded deeds, unrecorded contracts of sale, and permits from the U.S. Forest Service to derive the correct Assessor’s Parcel Number.
• Locate, explain, and interpret technical descriptions of property contained in deeds and assessor’s records.
• Participate in relevant meetings and occasionally travel to conferences and trainings.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Thorough knowledge of:
• GIS principles including data types, data layers, basic geographic, analytic, and statistical functions, geographic coordinate systems, and data formatting.
• Principles and practices of data editing and management within ArcGIS Desktop.
• Esri’s Desktop product line, beginning at most one release back.
• Esri Personal Geodatabase data model.
Working knowledge of:
• Land records, specifically those used for property tax assessment, land surveying, and/or engineering.
• Physical property legal descriptions (reading and interpreting).
• Local government applications and workflows used to manage land records.
• Enterprise Geodatabase concepts.
• Terminology, symbols, methods, practices, and techniques used for assessor parcel mapping.
• Methods and techniques for resolving conflicts in incorrectly described property.
• Methods and procedures for describing property and zoning boundaries.
• Microsoft Excel

Some knowledge of:
• Esri Parcel Fabric data model and associated tools.
• Server-based GIS applications.
• Python and server-side scripting and automation tools.
• AutoCAD.
• Basic state and local laws pertaining to property description and tax appraisals.

Ability and willingness to:
• Manage the County’s GIS-based parcel dataset including the creation, maintenance, and clean-up of parcels.
• Produce high-quality maps from a GIS environment which meet California Board of Equalization standards for Assessor Parcel Maps.
• Work closely with individuals in various departments of local agencies (County, Town, etc.).
• Assist with the maintenance of other associated GIS datasets and framework components.
• Skillfully prepare presentations of data, plans, and maps.
• Work alone and in a team environment, with limited supervision.
• Think creatively for the good of the organization and arrive at service-oriented solutions.
• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
• Attend appropriate meetings, trainings, and conferences.
• Maintain confidentiality, where necessary.

Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and abilities might be:
A recently completed Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree or certificate in a field that had formal GIS training as part of its curriculum and two (2) years of experience maintaining GIS data, with some knowledge of parcel management;
A minimum of three (3) years of experience working as a GIS Technician with solid editing and data management skills including at least one (1) year of parcel management experience.

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