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GIS Supervisor

Columbia, MO, USA
Supervise the GIS staff workgroups and projects to administer and maintain GIS mapping systems, databases, and applications.

•Supervise, organize, schedule, assign, train, counsel, and evaluate the work of assigned staff.

•Ensure GIS databases and software are available, reliable, functional, and secure to benefit the appropriate users.

•Develop, maintain, analyze and support geospatial data and projects, ensuring data used by staff is accurate, reliable, and timely.

•Oversee, administer and maintain GIS databases and software. Complete routine maintenance and processing to ensure system integrity. Prepare data, records, dependencies, permissions, and procedures. Maintain data integrity and troubleshoot concerns.

•Manage GIS projects. Ensure communication and meetings, timelines, and project milestones. Synthesize data into actionable information for end-users and customers.

•Design and build GIS applications based on customer needs and best practices.

•Maintain the integrity of mapping systems and data through checking the work of staff and assessing the performance of data systems.

•Support outside departments and provide technical information, cost/benefit analysis, user training, solutions, explanations, and advice in response to user requests.

•Develop and improve information flow between engineering and field operations by developing standards, synthesizing data into decision-making information, and GIS application development.

•Perform team leader functions for GIS projects: manage deadlines, provide status reports, and facilitate final testing and project sign-off.

•Prepare and present oral and written reports, presentations, and recommendations. Provide clear written instructions and documentation on system procedures.

•Review literature and other resources in order to keep informed of new technology advances that may affect base-level support and/or development toolkit.

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