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Allison Hockey


Cerro Gordo County
Cadastral Mapping/Real Estate GIS Technician
• Carry out statutory duties of the Auditor regarding platting of real property for assessment and taxation purposes.
• Utilizing available aerial imagery, digital cadastral maps and recorded plats of survey, subdivision and conveyance legal descriptions, I construct and verify the accurate depictions and descriptions of record for the real estate tax parcel base of the county.
• Use ArcGIS Parcel Fabric (relational database structure inside the Local Government Information Model)
McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics
GIS technician/ Office Administrator
● Utilized geospatial technologies and GPS in multiple data formats and software for agricultural management activities including yield trend analysis and report building, identifying consistencies and correlations among data within a grower’s fields, and determining cost/benefit ratios.
● Performed office responsibilities including agronomic service meeting scheduling and planning, soil testing scheduling and coordination with growers and soil testers, other duties as assigned.
● Created and updated maps for growers with VRT application rates based on soil test data and past years’ yield trends and application rate history.
Geotree Center - UNI campus
GIS Student Assistant/ Digitizer
● Working in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources creating geographic data representing water body features in Iowa. I worked with hydrological Unit Code 8 watersheds and digitized all significant semi-permanent water bodies for inclusion in the Watershed Boundary Dataset. The intent is to establish a drainage boundary framework.
● Worked under supervision of Director John Degroote identifying solar facilities and installations throughout northeast Iowa and enter them into a geodatabase for preprocessing and later evaluation as part of the larger solar asset mapping portal project. Purpose of project is to provide interested citizens and businesses in Iowa access to modeled potential solar radiation for all locations in Iowa.
Black Hawk County Conservation Board
GIS Intern
● Goal was to create a comprehensive GIS product that allows for regular updating by current and future staff of new easements, conservation lands and properties including county parks and their respective amenities, wetland habitat identification, campground facilities, etc
● Creating and updating existing maps for private use and public display

University of Northern Iowa – Industrial Technology
Administrative Support
● Prepared recruitment letters to prospective UNI Industrial Tech students
● Welcomed various industry representatives to our department, distributed information
● Alleviated workload for office staff by doing various office related tasks, including answering phones, fielding calls, sending and answering emails, etc.
Leadership/ Activities
Started my own recycling organization, coordinating with area businesses to recycle office and home use printer ink cartridges and other electronic waste, and donating the proceeds to area libraries.
Volunteer with Waste Trac Education Team to collect household electronics and hazardous materials at drop off events.

Understanding of real estate assessment/taxation cycle and real estate records. Understanding of local and state laws as they pertain to real estate.
A range of Desktop and Web-based software including ArcGIS and AGOL, ArcGIS for Server, open source QGIS, Golden’s MapViewer, Erdas Imagine, AgLeader’s SMS, and SST Harvest information as well as some remote sensing digital image processing software
Database management including ArcGIS for server
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Access and Word
Web Mapping
Knowledgeable of GIS concepts, tools, and analysis functions as well as geospatial data collection, interpretation and analysis.
Work effectively in a team environment
Able to communicate clearly in both written and verbal contexts.

Allison Hockey

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