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Duane Lund

East Helena, MT, USA


 27 years of experience using ESRI ArcGIS software. Current to ArcGIS Desktop 10.5
Project level spatial analysis and cartographic product design and production
 15 years of experience using MSSQL Enterprise Databases and ArcSDE
Database design, editing, versioning, query development
 8 years of experience using Python for ArcGIS
Data automation, query design, spatial analysis
 Proficient with FME data translation software
 Experienced with ESRI ArcGIS Online application for development of custom online maps
 Comprehensive knowledge of authoritative GIS datasets for Montana and surrounding states
 Well demonstrated GIS data research and data development skills
 Extensive project design and management experience

Montana State Library, Helena MT October 1991 – August 2017
Position: GIS Programmer/Analyst
In my 26 year position as GIS Programmer Analyst within the Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) of the Montana State Library (MSL) I was responsible for the development, maintenance and delivery of an extensive range of GIS datasets, cartographic products, and spatial analysis results. The diversity of projects I was assigned to required close coordination with project managers from Federal, State and local government agencies and the ability to communicate effectively, and work efficiently on numerous projects and deliver products within limited timelines. Some examples of the project level work I conducted during my tenure at MSL-NRIS include:

 Data Steward for Montana Transportation Framework dataset 2013-2017
Responsible for data acquisition from local entities, editing, integration and publishing of comprehensive roads data for Montana.

 Data technical lead for Montana National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) 2001–2013
Technical coordination with USGS, running QAQC routines, editing geometry and attributes, digitizing and integrating data from additional verified sources, creating distribution versions and local data access WEB pages.

 Cartographic production of annual map series of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (MTFWP) online accessible map series of Private Lands for Hunter Access. Annual updates of hardcopy and digital map versions, GIS and tabular data acquisition, QAQC, assembly, verification of suitability for use. Map design of layout and symbology. See at:

 Cartographic production of online accessible map series for Public Lands of Montana. Assembly of public lands data, development of electronic PDF files for 1:100,000 scale topographic map boundaries, development and maintenance of MSL WEB application. See at:

 Development and maintenance of electronic maps and quantifying drought impacts for Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (MT-DNRC). See at:

 Development and maintenance of water supply forecast map series for USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).
Manage and maintain SQL database, QAQC of monthly data input, design and maintenance of monthly cartographic products in electronic and hardcopy format, monthly updates to MSL Water Information webpages. See at:

 Annual updates of USDA SSURGO soils to MSL Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure Geographic Information Clearinghouse website. See at:
Responsible for coordination with USDA NRCS to acquire annual updates of SSURGO digital and tabular data for 77 Montana soil survey areas. Acquisition of updated digital and MS Access data, incorporation of updates into statewide SSURGO geodatabase, posting of updated survey data to MSL MSDI webpages.

 Spatial analysis and cartographic product development for rangeland resource inventories of Fort Belknap, Crow, Northern Cheyenne, and Rocky Boys reservations.
Coordination with USDA-NRCS State Natural Resource Analyst on project data development, project management, timelines and deliverables. Responsible for sophisticated spatial analysis of multiple natural resource datasets to develop comprehensive tabular data reports, hard-copy and digital map series, and publication quality data delivery.

 Development of scripting tools for watershed based environmental data assembly.
Design of Python scripts, organization and management of geodatabases, processing and delivery of data products.

 Design and development of ‘Ecological Site Reviewer’ ArcGIS online mapping application for review of soils and climate data.
Coordination with USDA-NRCS to acquire and incorporate SSURGO soils and relevant climate data rasters. Design of online map, design and management of geodatabases.
 Desktop hardware and software support.
Responsible for assisting MSL staff with hardware and software installation, troubleshooting and training.

 March 2009 MAGIP Spring Technical Session; “Using the NHD” Keven Roth USGS, Duane Lund NRIS
 October 2009 MAGIP Fall Technical Session; ” The HEM Tool” Duane Lund NRIS
 April 2008 Intermountain GIS conference; “Using the National Hydrography Dataset” Keven Roth USGS, Duane Lund NRIS

Ford, Gary L., C. Lee Maynard, J.A. Nesser, D.S. Page‐Dumroese, 1998. Landtype Associations of the Northern Region 1997: A First Approximation. USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station, General Techncial Report, RMRS‐GTR‐2‐CD.
 Produced maps for this publication

ICBEMP 1997a (See USDA Forest Service, and USDI Bureau of Land Management, 1996, Upper Columbia River Basin Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Vol. 1
 Developed spatial analysis scripting tools for processing environmental parameters to estimate sediment production for over 600,000 watersheds

Maynard, Catherine Lee, 2003. Characterizing rangeland using multispectral remotely sensed data and multi-scale ecological units. Montana State University-Bozeman, College of Agriculture.
 Produced maps for this dissertation

Nesser, John A., C. Lee Maynard, D.F. Lund, 2001. An Ecological Characterization of the Greater Yellowstone Area. USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station, General Technical Report, RMRS GTR‐78‐CD
 Produced maps and tabular spatial analysis data for this publication

Nesser, John A., G. L. Ford, C. Lee Maynard, D.S. Page‐Dumroese, 1997. Ecological Units of the Northern Region: Subsections. USDA Forest Service Intermountain Research Station General Technical Report INT‐GTR‐369.
 Produced maps for this publication

Education and Professional Training
Bachelor of Science, 1981. Geology, Rocky Mountain College, Billings MT 59102

ESRI Training:
2010 - Managing Editing Workflows in Multiuser Geodatabase 24 hrs.
Writing Advanced Geo-Processing Scripts Using Python 24 hrs.
Introduction to Geo-Processing Scripts Using Python 16 hrs.
Data Production and Editing Techniques 24 hrs.
2008 - Advanced Analysis w/ ArcGIS 24 hrs.
ArcGIS Desktop III 16 hrs.
2005 - Building Geodatabases I 24 hrs.
2003 - Introduction to Programming ArcObjects w/ VBA 40 hrs.
2001 - Introduction to ArcIMS 24 hrs.
2000 - Arc/INFO 8 32 hrs.
1997 - Using Arc/INFO TIN 8 hrs.
1995 - Using GRID 8 hrs.
1992 - Customizing Arc/INFO with AML

Professional Memberships
 2002 – Present, Member Montana Association of GIS Professionals (MAGIP)
 MAGIP Board member, Treasurer board member 2002 – 2006
 MAGIP student scholarship committee chair 2002 – 2008
 Member Montana GIS User Group (MTGIS) 1992-2002
Honors and Awards
 Montana State Governor’s Award for Excellence: 2016, 2009, 2001
 Montana Association of GIS Professionals: Distinguished Service Award 2010
 Montana Wing CAP: Cadet Programs Officer of the Year 2006
 Montana Wing CAP: Moral Leadership Officer of the Year 2007
 Rocky Mountain Region CAP: Character Development Officer of the Year 2007
 Montana Wing CAP: Commanders Commendation Award 2007
Professional References
 Jennie Stapp, State Librarian, Montana State Library

 Evan Hammer, Chief Information Officer, Montana State Library

 Catherine Maynard, State Geospatial Analyst, Natural Resource Conservation Service

Duane Lund

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