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Utilizing my skills in GIS, remote sensing, and cartography to solve problems within a field of geography, preferably in an analytical, environmental, mapping, or planning related subset.
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
B.A. in Geography, Minor in History, January 2012.
Geographic Information Systems- Learned the concepts and theories behind Geographic Information Systems, their applied uses, and how to use several programs.
Remote Sensing- Studied how to gain knowledge through interpreting color and infrared satellite images and data.
Spatial Data Analysis- Gained knowledge of methods of interpreting and processing information using various programs.
Principles of Cartography & Advanced Cartography
-Learned how to create maps that are informative, well designed, and aesthetically satisfying.
Geographic Research Methods- Learned on how to solve problems in the subject of Geography, as well as advanced learning techniques.
Natural Hazards - Gained knowledge of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes humans face, how people recover from said disasters, and how to prepare for future occurrences.
History & Theory of Geography- Learned the history of this field and how people previously gained geographic knowledge of our world.
Geographic Research Methods Course, Fall 2010
- Surveyed Rutgers University Community on issues relating towards the environment.
- Subsequently analyzed data to discover trends in opinion research. Remote Sensing Course, Spring 2010
- Collaborated with another student to study land development and use in West Jersey over a 25-year period. - Designed graphic poster to display findings, including table data and processed satellite images.
- Gained applied understanding of the processes of remote sensing.
Raritan Headwaters Association Bedminster, NJ
Spring 2017
- Collaborated with GIS/IT Specialist and Event Coordinator for local nonprofit environmental organization.
- Authored, both independently and as a team, over 40 maps for Earth Day river cleanup project.
- Utilized ArcGIS to digitize hard copies of locations and information, then designed and published data into easy
to understand maps for cleanup volunteers.
Middlesex County Planning Board New Brunswick, NJ
Summer 2008
- Worked in a department devoted to planning related to parks and the environment.
- Assisted GIS planner with modification of specific countywide maps using ArcGIS for land zone use and
- Communicated with county municipalities regarding digital and GIS compatible maps.
- Assisted planner with population projections using previous census data and estimates with mathematical
- Gained an understanding of practical uses of GIS in the workplace.
- Enhanced understanding of work in a planning department.
General: Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, Adobe Creative Suite
Geographic: ArcGIS, Idrisi, ERDAS Imagine, QGIS, GRASS GIS, R, SAS
Languages: Java, Python
Databases: MySQL
Rutgers Undergraduate Geography Society
A student organization at Rutgers University consisting of students interested in the field of Geography, dedicated towards pursuing the further exploration of knowledge and learning in the subject and its related careers.
Secretary, 2010-2011
Dealt with recording details of meetings, as well as helping plan out events, initiating publicity, and keeping track of memorabilia and artifacts for the group.

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