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Technical Support Manager

Berkeley, CA, USA


-work closely with the development team to develop technical solutions.
-help customers and distributors to troubleshoot technical issues.
-conduct on-site demonstrations and present GVI in conferences.
-test and evaluate new hardware and software products.
-support the roll-out of new products by arranging webinars or providing training.
-write technical documents, such as tutorials, technical articles.
-provide prompt and accurate feedback to customers.
-communicate with the R&D team to update the product line.

Preferred qualifications:

-have a degree in remote sensing, GIS or related majors.
-have prior experience in lidar and remote sensing data processing.
-have prior experience in operating UAVs and survey tools.
-possess excellent writing and verbal communication skills in English.
-possess the ability to multitask and perform under tight deadlines.
-be highly motivated, confident and an energetic self-starter.
-be a strategic, creative, and critical thinker, and a collaborator willing to learn and share information and ideas.

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