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GIS Specialist

Orlando, FL, USA

Position Status: Full-Time

Position Description: Supports execution and delivery of planning and design projects associated with water resources and stormwater management. Ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, ability to manage multiple tasks while performing high quality work, and a strong desire to learn and develop new skills. The position requires a degree in Geography, GIS, Urban Planning, or Environmental Science from an accredited institution and a working knowledge of Geographic information System. Ideal candidate will have familiarity with programming and scripting and/or Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Prior GIS and/or Related Experience: 0 to 5 years

Position Requirements:

- Manage spatial data and perform analyses using ArcGIS,
QGIS, and related extensions/add-ons, relational
databases, and other computer software (SQL, CAD,
statistical software, etc.)
- Understand and apply the capabilities of GIS,
databases, and other computer programs to solve,
present, and display spatial attributes and
- Prepare documents, data reports, and maps under the
supervision of a professional engineer
- Implement geoprocessing tools in batch, including
programming for toolset development
- Communicate effectively (both internally with team
and externally with clients)

Minimum Qualifications:

- BS in Geography, GIS, Urban Planning, or Env. Science
- Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
- Positive attitude and a strong work ethic

Other Desirable Qualifications:

- Certification as a GIS Professional
- Experience with programming languages and scripting
including Python and Model Builder
- Detail-oriented team player with an ability to
contribute to a positive work environment
- Ability to take instruction and work independently
to complete discrete tasks

Salary Information: $45k-$70k

Location: Orlando or New Port Richey, Florida
Hybrid (office/remote) work environment.

Apply online at\careers

DeLoach Engineering Science, PLLC
1845 Ivanhoe Road
Orlando, FL, 32804 USA

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