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Jonas Chanh

Oroville, CA, USA

I have experience in;
- ArcGIS Desktop 10.3-10.7, ArcMap & ArcCatalog
- Collecting GPS data using a Lecia GS15, ESRI Collector app, Getac (inventory tree & brush)
- Rectifying As-Built drawing (Georeferencing)
- AutoCAD integration to ArcMap using AutoDesk
- Data entry, correction, creation, editing/digitizing, relational selection and geoprocessing
- Geodatabase file moving, transferring, creating
- Some basic python script and Microsoft Access
- Performed QC for data quality and accuracy
- Performed cadastral editing to parcel & land property
- Digitized streetlight segments
- Updated geodatabase of Fire station zone and updating as-built drawing weblink

- Have worked for the Utility service for 3 years
- Projects include;
- PG&E, Ameresco, & different municipalities: Streetlight LED Conversion programs
- PG&E Enhance Vegetation Management Program (EVM)
- Butte County cadastral & transit task
- Caltrans streetling classification
- Municipality road classification & pole spacing
- Storm Drain project, rectifying as-built drawing in ArcMap, creating the workflow & user status documentation, and formatting conditional spreadsheet in Excel
- CPUC Broadband speed database editing of tables, file conversion, reporting python script errors
- Customer service
- Mapping of project area

Jonas Chanh

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Posted 2020-07-19 under Entry Level