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Matt Bednar

Columbus, OH, USA

Columbus, OH 43205
Authorized to work in the US for any employer


GIS Phase Manager
Woolpert - Columbus, OH
Apr 2020 - Sept 2020
Phase Manager for GIS QA/QC & Major Projects
Project Management of Major Service card Archive initiative to index Legacy historical documentation and attribution.
Responsibilities for Project included : Setting team meetings, driving project team hours, Maintaining Budget course, and Ensuring Project Scope was intact.
GIS Project Manager
Duke Energy - Cincinnati, OH
Project Manager for GIS/Records & Major Projects.
Projects ranging from Service Accounts, Job Analysis, Data Maintenance, and Records(Historical & Current).
HPDM & HPTM Initiative(Historical Pipeline Distribution/Transmission Main) - Legacy documentation and database feature major project to update current geodatabases with attributable information, as well as document linking to Maximo Software.
PM to 6 year project that developed Scope, team, and initiative to successfully complete the project within the timeframe scope, and Budget.
Involved in RFP and awarding of Bid to multiple vendors that would carry out project

Historical Records Indexing Project PM
Developed Scope of Project with Records supervisor to ensure digitization of all legacy documentation.
Outsourced Mass indexing of 1000k+ records to third party vendor that was completed in a two year time period.
Simultaneously worked with Document Storage Facility to maintain physical documentation for back up purposes.
Assisted with the transitioning of indexed documentation into records Hub that provided company wide availability to all employees

Sr. GIS Analyst Sycamore Gas - Lawrenceberg, IN
Daily geodatabase editing and updating based on field work done.
Produced Geo Pipeline maps using existing and new As-Built Datasets within Arcmap/Access.
Creation of Map grids & gas features to ensure data integrity for both the company and federal regulations.
Closely worked with local city GIS to create maps ensuring 911 response efficiency and safety.
GIS IntegrityAnalyst
Chevron - Houston, TX May 2015 to February 2016
Load and Manage pipeline feature data into PODS databases environment.
Perform QA/QC on pipeline data from PODS & Arc Geodatabases. This extends to Feature datasets and Field Data Collections that are surveyed daily and uploaded to the arc environment
Produce Geo Pipeline maps using existing and new As-Built Datasets within ARGIS 10.2. The datasets are created, and built from surveyed control points provided from our field team.
Work closely with engineers and other Departments in order to provide quality GIS data both on Maps and within our geodatabase environment.

GIS Analyst
Kinder Morgan - Houston, TX October 2014 to May 2015
Responsibilities Maintenance of existing and new centerline data bases on fields reports, and surveyed data collection.
Use Data Management & Analysis to breakdown reports and query out new information for centerline database application and processing. Updating and Creating Map documents, as well as digitizing as-built information to upload to a network database.
GIS Analyst
Williams Energy - Houston, TX September 2011 to October 2014
GIS Analyst
○ Vector Data is gathered and stored on both an enterprise and local SDE formats
○ Vector Data is manipulated in order to create a risk assessment report based on rankings and weightings assigned.
○ Rasterized images are then created and mosaic'd together in order to provide valuable statewide data that our pipeline routing tool can use to create low-risk pipeline routes.
○ These mosaic'd datasets/rasters are done on a daily basis and updated. Oversee, and work in conjuncture with various team members to assure the most up to date data/ information is provided company wide. Involved in state Land Parcel Project. Obtaining Data from Third party company and storing it in an enterprise SDE location Updating Land Parcel data, both attribute and polygonal. Creating Maps, Mapbooks, Rasters from this data to various departments within the company. Create, Update, and Maintain Enterprise SDE with the latest surveyed data Responsible for Continual Data Management and maintenance of our Enterprise Server Database. Work closely with various Project engineers, managers, analysts company wide analyzing and using CAD and GIS data information to provide detailed map, reports, and pipeline data. Experience in using PODS interface, more specifically Intrepid to maintain and update pipeline route data. This data ranged from As-Built, to existing, and pipeline data corrections.
GIS Analyst
Lend Lease(US)Public Partnership - Hickam AFB, HI 2007 to 2011
Primary responsibilities include but not limited to: Surveying new construction i.e. Utility Infrastructure (Elec, Water, Wastewater, etc..), buildings, slabs, roads, sidewalks, landscaping.
● Environmental surveying of impacted contaminated soil areas, providing detailed reports onlocations of "hot spots", and the storage/relocation of clean soil for the neighborhoods -Worked closely with environmental contractors and engineers to prepare the data for current presentations
● Management of complete data workflow.
● Create, Update, and Maintain SDSFIE Enterprise Geodatabase with the latest surveyed data
● Responsible for Continual Data Management and maintenance of our Enterprise Server Database
● Extensive work with Base Utility Shops coordinating data (Pipeline Locations, Maintenance, etc)
● Provided Lend Lease Construction and Hickam Communities with maps and reports based on various Geospatial data requests for various presentations
● Works closely with various engineers and architects analyzing and using CAD and GIS data information to provide detailed maps and reports of renovations and new construction. ● Responsible for training new employees on the use of data collection with survey equipment, managing geodatabases, and create detailed maps and reports for current and future projects
Bachelor's in Computing Sciences/Communications
University of Mount Union 2000 to 2005

QA/QC GIS Data Collection Digi

Matt Bednar

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