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Matt Hamilton

Charlotte, NC, USA

Matt Hamilton


Senior GIS Specialist who has held progressively responsible roles in Geographic Information System (GIS), geospatial application development, geoprocessing and database development with various geospatial programs.

Responsible for developing flexible GIS solutions that have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of timely GIS deliverables. Consistently improved the quality and speed of product deliverables.

September 2017 – May 2019 Orbis Inc. Charlotte, NC
Software Development Manager
Managed the completion of software development task for existing web based/SQL DB land management and leasing applications. Performed application testing to insure sight functionality. Involved in the development of geoprocessing scripts for ArcGIS Pro written in Python to increase data loading proficiencies.

December 2001 - September 2017 American Forest Management Charlotte, NC
GIS Manager 2013 – 2017 previous role progression, GIS Coordinator, GIS Developer, GIS Analyst

System Developer
Lead developer and technical team leader for the next generation of GIS products. Responsible for transitioning core GIS functionality from ESRI to Manifold GIS. Involved porting existing GIS programs developed in ESRI products to VB and .Net , integrating with existing data sources (Microsoft Access, ArcSDE, SQL EXPRESS, Oracle & POSTGRES/POSTGIS) to expand mapping and reporting capabilities. The transition provided cost savings, increased productivity and provided a mechanism/platform for the dispersion of technology across the organization.

GIS Data/Workflow Management
Developed, supported and expanded extensive suite of GIS editing tools that streamlined the analysis and manipulation of forest land and ancillary data for proprietary, desktop and enterprise data management systems. Created automated mapping routines used throughout the organization. Implemented quality assurance practices to maintain the spatial and attribute data integrity of forest land and ancillary data layers. Oversaw and managed the creation and loading of new spatial data and enhancement of existing data. Trained and worked with forestry personnel to expand programs ability, reliability and efficiency.

Developed supported and expanded automated plot generation system based on a defined grid, random or cluster placement for inventory plot allocation on forest land, resulting in the production of detailed cruise maps, image maps, locator maps and associated geo digital data.

Real Estate/Appraisal/Acquisition
Managed team that developed internal web based Rural Land Sale System (ArcIMS) residing in ArcSDE environment. Main architect for system design, developed methodologies and tools to update and maintain database. Expanded functionality and data availability through JAVA, ASP, VB and AXL scripting. Support GIS activities out of corporate office as they relate to the creation of customized Real Estate products. Developed tools and mapping standard to aid in the creation of automated maps, 3D mapping, and planning & visualization products.

Project Manager
Responsible for managing large scale projects involving remapping of forest land and associated ancillary data. Developed workflows, organized and trained personnel, created GIS tools & methodologies that streamlined the collection of data and performed QAQC on products before delivery to client. Responsible for managing the creation of a web based leasing application that streamlined the creation of recreational leases. Communicated with team regarding architecture, user experience and DB design. Developed process flows and was the lead trainer and support for users.

Expanded technical and analytical capability of staff, created duality and provided a platform for career development. Resulted in an expansion of employee’s roles and responsibilities which increased productivity and efficiency.

June 2000 – November 2001 LR Kimball & Associates Ebensburg, PA
GIS Programmer
Responsibilities included technical support for a wide variety of GIS related mapping projects including cadastral, planimetric and base mapping, photo interpretation, E911, Address & Routing, remote sensing as well as spatial database conversion, design and management.

August 1998 - May 2000 Lockheed Martin Raleigh, NC Scientific Application Programmer Analyst
Provide geospatial analysis and database generation in support of EPA’s Regional Vulnerability Analysis (ReVA) program. Requires expertise with GIS processing, process automation, and database generation.

February 1997 - August 1998 Water Resource Research Institute Raleigh, NC
Graduate Assistantship, United States Geological Survey
Worked extensively in the creation, update and automation of a Web based water quality retrieval system.
Wrote Arc Macro Language (AML), MENU, HTML and PERL programs/scripts to develop an automated scientific application system to display and update stream conditions within North Carolina.

August 1995 - July 1997 North Carolina Center for Geographic Raleigh, NC
Information and Analysis
Cartographic Technician
Position included digitizing hard copy soils map and performing QA/QC procedures to insure accurate data collection. Developed AML and MENU scripts to automate processes and increase productivity.


August 1998 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
Masters of Natural Resource Administration
· Concentration in Spatial Information Systems
· Masters Project: North Carolina Water Quality Pilot Retrieval System

December 1994 Western Carolina University Cullowhee, NC
Bachelor of Science in Geography/Planning
Focus: Physical Geography
Minor: Chemistry

Matt Hamilton

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