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Melanie Hammond


GIS and GPS specialist with 15 years of experience desires opportunity to work for successful company utilizing GIS software and GPS technology. Dedicated to meeting or exceeding project deadlines and expectations. Experience working remotely from home office.

Clearances: Secret Security Clearance (held in 2009)

Certifications: Trimble TerraSync and Pathfinder Office Certified Trainer & Trimble Mapping with Mobile GIS Software Certified Trainer (held in 2009)

GIS Software: ArcView 3.2, ArcGIS 8.x, 9.x, 10.x (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox, ArcScene, ArcGlobe, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Workflow Manager, Network Analyst, Attribute Assistant, Task Assistant, Data Interoperability), ArcGIS Online, Esri Web AppBuilder, ArcPad, Collector, ArcSDE, SDSFIE, Google Earth Pro, GeoServer 2.0, SLD, FME

GPS Software: GPS Correct, Trimble Pathfinder Office, TerraSync, Trimble Geomatics Office, Survey Controller

Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2008, MS Access

Programming: JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, VBA/ArcObjects, Perl, Avenue

Graphics: CorelDraw, PhotoShop

Operating Systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Windows Server 2003/2012, UNIX

Others: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, WinSCP, PuTTY, FME, Radan, SPSS, Matlab 6.x, Surfer

Hardware: Trimble GeoXH, Trimble GeoXT, Trimble ProXRS, Trimble 5700, Geodimeter, Trimble Ag GPS 132, Sir 10A

Developed Esri Solution for Outside Plant Construction Project Management. Consisted of Desktop utilizing Workflow Manager, Task Assistant, Attribute Assistant that allowed users to edit spatial data as well as track project progress (dates, footage, type of construction, etc). Also established Web applications utilizing Esri Web AppBuilder and Operations Dashboard for visualization of projects across the country. Initiated Collector for field collection efforts of damages, proposed construction features, and site audits.
Helped with installation, configuration, customization, and training for deployment of Esri 10.2 Enterprise Solution for Sales Engineering Group to assist with network designs.
Served as lead GIS Developer for OpenSource Mapping project to deploy web mapping sites for both internal and external consumption.
Modified client provided spatial data, acquired spatial data from freely available online sources, and utilized PostgreSQL and GeoServer to serve data on internet mapping sites for MLS (Multiple Listing Service) clients.
Served as GPS Coordinator for large scale linear pipeline project. This involved training of personnel and daily processing of field data from 4-6 teams.
Provided GPS and GIS training to Marine Corps Bases.
Worked on Enterprise Architecture Requirements gathering for Camp Lejeune.
Oversaw development of GIS data for Air National Guard bases in the southeast region.
Created user guides for Trimble ProXRS and Trimble 5700 which included instruction on using hardware as well as data transfer and export to GIS.
Delivered GeoBase training and support to Air National Guard units in the southeast region.
Incorporated Natural Resources Department's data into SDE database utilizing SDSFIE standards. This included preparing customized forms for field data collection utilizing ArcPad on a GeoXT, importing CADD data, and loading data from a personal geodatabase.

 Graduate School
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Biosystems Engineering Technology
June 2002- May 2004
 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - 1997
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Area of Concentration: Environmental Science
Minor: English

 May 2012 July 2017
Zayo Group
SR GIS Developer-
Helped with roll out and management of Esri 10.x enterprise solution.
o Utilized Oracle as backend database to SDE.
o Set up Workflow Manager, Task Assistant, multi versioned editing environment, Attribute Assistant, and mxd templates for 50+ users.
o Created complex python scripts to run calculations, update attribute fields, join features, and export to excel.
o Developed web mapping applications using Esri Web AppBuilder and administered applications through ArcGIS Online.
o Served as technical lead and conducted training and continually researched and implemented solutions to user requests.

Responsible for spatial data management in PostgreSQL and GeoServer.
o Utilized OSPi data in PostgreSQL.
o Processed ESRI data and KMLs/KMZs and loaded into PostgreSQL.
o Created and maintained slds for display of data in GeoServer.

Helped develop mapping applications using OpenGeo, GeoServer, and Mapfish.
o Assisted in deploying mapping applications to serve internal and external customers.
o Created mapping application tools using JavaScript.
o Development team created specific user tools such as red lining tool, building filter tool, fiber filter tool, and printing tool.

Assisted in creating training materials and conducted training.

 February 2010 Feb 2012
Geospatial Developer-
Responsible for all spatial data across the company.
o Loaded all client data into PostgreSQL 8.3 and GeoServer 2.0.
o Responsible for all data updates and acquiring new data as requested.
o Deployed data to all client web apps as necessary through sql scripts designed to update relevant tables.
Worked with clients to determine data presentation.
o Created SLDs as needed to provide client requested symbology and labels.
o Routinely updated SLDs based on new functionality available in GeoServer.
Created Web Pages for testing of products.
o Utilized HTML and JavaScript to create Web Pages that enabled the testing of GeoServer layers.
o Utilized HTML and Bing Maps AJAX v6.3 and v7.0 to create Web Pages to test functionality.
Worked in Agile Software Development environment.

 February 2007 February 2010
Associate GIS Developer/Analyst-
Responsible for project support including map production, GPS support, data updates, and analysis.
o Worked on several large scale linear pipeline projects. This involved daily processing of GPS data, integration of data into GIS, analysis of data, figure creation, KML creation, and methodology descriptions.
o Updated existing GIS training materials for Marine Corps to ESRI 9.3.
o Served as GIS/GPS lead for Parris Island Marine Corps Installation project. This involved collection of GPS data, integration into SDSFIE geodatabase, creation of metadata, and training of personnel on GIS and GPS.
o Supported requirements gathering for Enterprise Architecture documentation. This included documenting systems, users, interfaces, and processes across Camp Lejeune IT Systems.

 February 2006 February 2007
Southeast Air National Guard GeoBase Regional Manager-
Coordinate Air National Guard GeoBase program efforts across the southeast region.
o Promoted the principles of GeoBase and provided guidance and consulting support to regional ANG bases in the collection, storage, delivery, and integration of geospatial data.
Ensure all 17 Air National Guard units in the southeast region are properly trained according to Headquarters Air Force GIS/GPS standards.
o Developed and delivered GIS/GPS training curriculum to ANG units in order to meet training objectives.
o Acted as technical support for GIS and GPS hardware and software.
Oversee data acquisition of GIS data for Air National Guard bases.
o Acquired, processed, and integrated various forms of geospatial data into GeoBase standards.
o Coordinated and managed base-level GIS projects to ensure GeoBase compliancy.
o Operated as the lead for the QA/QC processes to ensure data standard compliancy and consistency across all bases within the region.
 December 2004 - January 2006
Earth Tech
GIS Technician-
Maintain GIS database (Air Force GeoBase) utilizing SDSFIE standards.
o Integrated CADD data, image extracted data, and field collected data.
o Ensured data was spatially accurate and fit SDSFIE data standards.
Interact with multiple departments to help integrate their data into GeoBase
o Engaged departments such as utilities, natural resources, environmental restoration, entomology, etc.
o Communicated with on-site personnel, contractors, Air Force Air Combat Command Headquarters personnel, and administrators of Air Force databases such as ERPIMS, ROOFER, and IPMIS.
Conduct training for personnel
o Provided hands-on training on use of ArcGIS, SDE, IMS, ArcPad, GeoXT, and Pathfinder Office.
o Created tutorials for performing data collection and maintenance for GeoBase users utilizing above mentioned software and hardware.
Create digital and paper map products.
o Created MapBook series for Utilities to provide PDFs at different scales to personnel without access to GIS software.
o Created and maintained maps utilized for providing Internet Mapping Sites.

 June 2002 - May 2004
University of Tennessee
Graduate Research Assistant-
Conduct geophysical research for masters thesis
o Utilized ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and GPS equipment to investigate subsurface water movement.
o Helped collect GPR data for project studying the ability of GPR to determine the location of bodies underground throughout the stages of decomposition.
Design and implement improvements to research tools
o Assisted in designing spiral research plot, as opposed to standard straight transect plot, for study of subsurface water movement.
o Worked with Ag GPS 132 to determine best way to collect GPS data on spiral plot.
Work with GPR, GPS, remote sensing, and related software packages

Melanie Hammond

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