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Kierra Robertson

Raleigh, NC, USA


Graduate Certificate in GIS | Geospatial Information Systems | December 2022 | North Carolina State University
Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing, Geospatial Modeling, Spatial Problem Solving, Fundamentals of Geospatial Information Science and Technology
BS in Mathematical Decision Sciences and Environmental Sciences | May 2019 | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
-Minor: Biology
Relevant Coursework: Statistics for Environmental Scientists, Statistics for Ecology and Evolution, Intro to Optimization, Intro to Probability, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical Methods, Simulation for Analytics, Advanced Methods of Data Analysis, (As of May 2022) Fundamentals of Geospatial Science and Technology

·Previous experience in QGIS
·ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online
·Excel Solver
·Logger pro
·Typing speed 92 wpm
·Google Sites, Google Forms
·Quick learner of new material

·Differential and integral calculus
·Statistical analysis of data (inference, regression, analyzing, plots, model fitting and assessment)
·Spatial analysis (hot and cold spots, cluster analysis, nearest neighbor index, priority ranking)
·Lab setting: titrations, separations, gas and liquid chromatography
·Client sample analysis with LIMS

·Versatility in working independently, planning with colleagues, giving and following directions, and assisting others
·Steadfast determination to find solutions
·Navigating conflicts
·Seven years customer service experience

Previous work experience
Volunteer Clothing Organizer and Tuesday Meal Distributor | Food Not Bombs - Raleigh, NC | October 2020 - Current
• Created an ArcGIS Webapp of places the Raleigh, NC community near Moore Square can access current shelters, food pantries, and other necessary resources in relation to bus lines
• Upon lack of volunteers took over bottomlining the diaper delivery team and now manages collecting incoming diaper requests, sending them to the organization that fulfills them, and delivering them to their requesters
• Keeps a detailed excel sheet of community clothing requests compiled from multiple sources and makes necessary updates, assesses for errors, and at first created weekly social media posts before transitioning into a website where people could access the information more easily
• Organized a group that distributes food weekly on Tuesdays for a small-scale distribution upon seeing need for it
• Helped organize a system for distributing clothing to the community every week and helps fulfill requests for clothing and essentials
• Taught new members on the clothing sorting and distribution system, eg procedures and organizational strategies, and organized scheduling with others to ensure that needs such as necessary volunteer numbers were met
• Manages the email account that fields community questions and requests and creates social media posts to raise funding for individuals
•Created a website to post community and organizational needs and projects as well as information on resources I compiled from organizations across Raleigh, NC

Data Analyst 1 | Metabolon | June 2019 – August 2022
• Analyzed chromatographic peaks of clients’ clinical and laboratory data sets with computer software to determine which compounds existed within samples and occasionally assisted in experimental preparation
• Helped determine necessary process improvements through beta-testing new programs and analyzing existing software

Science Expo Statistics Department Booth Member | UNC Chapel Hill | March 2019 – April 2019
• As part of a two person team, worked with my professor to run statistical analyses and create a poster presentation on the disputed North Carolina election to present to the local (Chapel Hill and Carrboro) community.

Well Water Quality Capstone Member | UNC Chapel Hill | January 2019 – May 2019
• As the analytics R programmer of a nine-person team, collected well water contaminant data from a database in NC and statistically analyzed with Microsoft Excel and R to create model fits, find correlations, and infer for further study. The study concluded with submitting results to Clean Water for North Carolina for further action and presenting in a conference.

Cashier | Harris Teeter | Meadowmont, NC and Carrboro, NC | January 2019 – June 2019
• Assisted customers in the purchase and location of goods in a cheerful and professional manner with attention to empathy and expedience
• Worked with colleagues to achieve high customer satisfaction through addressing questions in technology, store policies, and customer benefits

Front Wait, Temporary | Rizzo Conference Center | September 2018 – November 2018, June 2019, December 2019
•Prepared events for public presentation in a fast-paced team environment, organizing efficient solutions to problems and learning quickly how to accomplish new tasks, such as serving guests meals with attention to detail in cleanliness, formalities, and guest and table needs

Cashier | PTA Thrift Shop | August 2016 - Current
• Dealt with customers and colleagues with a high level of patience and a cheerful attitude while providing assistance, oftentimes organizing team efforts locating, pricing, and re-locating desired items to the sales floor
• Planned ahead for merchandise demand and prepared accordingly, oftentimes creating advertisements by hand and with Microsoft Word
• Created an attractive and professional sales floor by independently redefining the clothes rack organization, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
• Maintained safety by removing spills and breakages while reducing future damage by watching unsupervised children and monitoring breakables
• Directed volunteers in crucial tasks and organized action plans with colleagues for maximum efficiency in meeting business needs for order and sales

Tutor | April 2016 - May 2016
• Created and taught algebra II and geometry lessons with an open mind to change, resulting in better understanding and grades for my student
• Offered increased availability in times of need, including weekend, evening and night hours

Volunteer | Chatham PTA | December 2011, December 2012 | Clerk | August 2013 - August 2016, December 2016, December 2017
• Sorted, evaluated, prepared, priced, and sold goods to customers with a focus on customer needs and store shelving availability
• Worked independently and in groups to organize sales and promotions to best satisfy customers and obtain maximum profits
• Started as a volunteer in 2011 and offered a position by the manager for my work ethic

Kierra Robertson

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