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Todd Long

Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Mr. Long has developed hundreds of maps, spreadsheets, and a host of valuable resources for Tom Joiner & Associates, inc. (TJA), a firm of consulting geologist and engineers who specializes in natural resources (e.g.: oil, gas, coal, limestone, and other minerals). The firm also specializes in environmental remediation and site assessment work (e.g.: UST, NPDES permits, air permits, phase 1 site assessments, and more).

In 2017, Mr. Long replaced a geologist and inherited responsibility for the company’s IHS Markit Petra software, a unique data management and visualization software utilized for oil and gas analysis. After learning the software in under two weeks, Mr. Long’s ability to quickly adapt drove the company to complete one of the largest oil field unitizations in the history of Alabama (Brooklyn oil field). Mr. Long’s work was further recognized when he was asked to share his work with a consulting professor at Penn State University and outside investment partners in South Korea.

Mr. Long has developed hundreds of aerial photographic maps, topographic maps, planimetric map layers, and orthorectified map content for more than 21 legal cases and disputes in the past 11 years.

Todd Long

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Posted 2021-01-26 under Geospatial