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Senter John

Athens, GA, USA

• (Seeking GIS jobs in the Athens, Georgia area within a 50 mile radius or Telework/remote)

• GIS Software: ArcMap 10.7, ArcCatalog, ArcEdit, ArcView, ArcObjects, ArcInfo, ArcPad, IDRISI32, ERDAS Imagine, Pictometry, Avenza Maps, ESRI Collector for ArcGIS, ESRI Story Map, R Studio, HEC-RAS 3.1.3, HEC-GeoRAS4, HAZUS-MH MR4, ArcHydro, ArcSWAT, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD 2014 Garmin eTrex Vista, Topcon GTS Total Station, Kestrel Weather/Fire Meter
• Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, DOS
• Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++
• Other Knowledge and Skills: MS Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, WordPerfect, Adobe, Photoshop Elements, Flash, Quicktime, Microsoft Office Suite, Statistical Analysis (Excel), Streaming Media, WSFTP, Database Management (DES) Printer, Plotter, Scanner, Copiers, Drafting, Audio/Visual Equipment


• The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 8/11
Major: Bachelor’s Degree in Geography with emphasis on Geographic Information Science
• The University of North Georgia, Gainesville, GA 12/06
Certificate: Geographic Information Science (GIS)
• The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 12/96
Major: Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies
• The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 4/02
Certificate: New Media with emphasis in Information Technology and Web Design


GIS Analyst and IT Support Manager, Sustainability Office, Athens- Clarke County Government 7/18- 10/19
• Contributing as a team member in providing GIS and IT support through collection and analysis of spatial data to be used towards promoting innovative practices and policies to reduce the Unified Government's environmental footprint, grow the local economy, and foster a thriving community by networking staff, ideas, and resources across departments and throughout the community to achieve outcomes supported by a long-term sustainability plan.

GIS Analyst, Geospatial Office, Athens- Clarke County Government 6/19-9/19
• Contributing as a team member in analysis of spatial data to be used towards Impervious Surface Update for the Athens- Clarke County Stormwater Division of the Transportation and Public Works Department. The impervious surface is used to calculate the Stormwater Utility bill for residential properties. Residential customers are classified as small, medium, or large single family properties based entirely on the amount of impervious surface on the property

GIS Intern, USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS), Athens, GA 1/11-2/13
• Contributed 1200 hours of volunteer service performing GIS studies involving Land Use, Land Coverage in Georgia to determine effects on water permeability by land coverage types.

GIS Intern, USDA, Agriculture Research Service (USDA-ARS), Athens, GA 9/10-12/10
• Contributed 520 hours of volunteer service developing a procedure for the creation, installation, and field testing of a Trimble GeoXT applications program for field data collection using ArcGIS, ArcObjects, ArcCatalog, and Excel.

Post-Graduate GIS Student, University of North Georgia, Gainesville, GA 4/10-09/10
• Independently conducted shoreline erosion and accretion study on Cabretta Inlet, Sapelo Island, GA.
• Poster presentation for Georgia Water Resources conference using GPS, Topcon GTS Total Station, ArcGIS.

GIS Specialist, Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center, Athens, GA. 1/08-5/08
• Obtained GPS coordinates of railroad crossings in five counties using Trimble Pathfinder.
• Prepared data bases and data quality updates for use in northeast GA county census

GIS Editor, Information Technology Outreach Services, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. 8/03-12/07
• Prepared county parcel and rezoning maps.
• Converted and updated AutoCAD maps of county parcels and county road systems into digital formats using aerial photography and Global Positioning System.
• Provided information on county parcel mapping and rezoning using Global positioning system (GPS) technology and ArcView-ArcGIS software.
• Used ArcMap and plats to identify and digitized easements for Georgia county parcels boundaries.
• Converted maps of county parcels into digital formats using aerial photography or multispectral satellite imagery.
• Trained coworkers/clients in various aspects of GIS projects.
• Georeferenced buildings in the City of Atlanta for Georgia Building Authority.

GIS Intern, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Athens, GA. 8/02-4/03
• Created databases and maps from preexisting field data of the biotic integrity of fish streams in northeast GA using ArcView and Excel.
• Prepared a peer-reviewed abstract for poster presentation ”Landscape-Level Indicators in Small Georgia Watersheds” for the Georgia Water Resources conference.

Research Assistant, Geography Department, University of Georgia, Athens, Sapelo Island, Skidaway Island, GA. 10/16
• Assisted researcher in a team effort to collect, sample preparation, and identify spartina grass found in the upper marsh. remote sensing instruments used during field sampling are as follows:
1. Decagon AccuPar LP-80 to measure canopy Leaf Area Index and atmospheric Photosynthetically Active Radiation
2. SPAD Chlorophyll meter to measure leaf chlorophyll concentration
3. SVC (SpectraVista Corp) HR-1024i spectroradiometer (350-2500 nm) to measure spectral reflectance of the vegetation canopy

Research Assistant, Louisiana State University Agriculture Center, El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico 06-16, 6-18
• Assisted research scientist in participating in a 20 year ongoing project involving canopy sampling following Hurricane Hugo and Arthropod responses to climate change and effects on ecosystem processes, patterns of distribution with elevation using GPS and ArcGIS mapping of research site locations in the Luquilla Experimental Forest

Research Assistant, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. 8/14- 2/15
• Initiate and set up experiments related to microalgae studies, data collection, analysis and presentation
• Media preparation, sterilization and maintenance of microalgae and bacterial cultures
• Routine biochemical analyses of algal biomass for pigments, dry weight, lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins, livestock and food industry wastes and wastewater
• Maintenance and operation of photobioreactors, vertical reactors and open ponds for algae growth studies
• Filtration and sterilization of wastewater to conduct scale up studies in closed and open bioreactors
• Harvesting of algal biomass and extraction of lipids

Research Assistant, Laboratory for Environmental Analysis, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. 4/10-9/10
• Laboratory analyses of environmental samples and contaminants involving pesticides, petroleum products, and sterols.
• Prepared samples for analysis, operated gas chromatographs, spectrophotometers, autoclaves, exercised sterile techniques, performed microscopic analysis, and general lab maintenance.
• Recognized in hydraulic conductivity manuscript “Effect of Viscon Fuel Additive on Environmental Fate of Diesel Fuel”. W. Miller and S. Hassan, Crop and Soils Sciences, University of Georgia.

Research Assistant, Crop and Soil Science, University of Georgia, Athens. GA. 8/99-4/03
• Conducted, summarized and reported research relating to fertilization of pine forest.
• Determined effects of total phosphorous on growth of select legumes.
• Maintained laboratories, greenhouse and equipment; collected, prepared samples for
residual urea and phosphorus analysis using sulfuric acid digestion, centrifugation and (RFA-300) Nitrogen Analyzer analysis, computer entry of data.
• Performed lysimeter analysis of ground water absorption in rain water runoff plots.
• Sampled and analyzed stream water for nitrogen, nitrate and ammonia content.

Senter John

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