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Sara Constantine


University of Colorado - Denver, CO
M.S. Geomatics Engineering and GIS
GPA: 3.9
May 2019
University of Colorado - Boulder, CO
B.A. Geophysics
GPA: 2.7
May 2015

Professional Experience:

GIS/Planner Intern
Jefferson County Planning and Zoning - Golden, CO
June 2017 - Present
Utilize ArMap Desktop version 10.4.1 to maintain, create and analyze various data sets
Spatial analysis of data to obtain proximity results, containment studies and spatial relationships for planners engineers and geologists
Working with various citizens to achieve their requests for personalized maps

Associate Scientist
Parsons Corporation - Denver, CO
June 2015 - May 2017
Provided quality control checks on various geophysical databases to insure accurate results
Data processing using programs such as Oasis Montaj and Trimble Business center to analyze GPS data
Used ArcMap to plan and perform quality control on geophysical data collection
Wrote code for Macro and scripting processes to be used with a geophysical software
Used Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Access daily to track field and processing progress

Industry and Academic Experience
Database creation and maintenance responsibilities using ArcMap, PostGreSQL, QGIS, Access and Excel
Geophysical project planning and data analysis using ArcMap to insure the locational accuracy of unexploded ordinance locations
Introductory experience with programming languages including python, SQL, and visual basic
Ability to convert various non-spatial data sets into spatial data sets using a variety of programs including ArcGIS
Transformation of coordinates from one projected coordinate system to another using ArcGIS
Conversion of coordinates (geographic and projected) using programs such as ArcGIS and WolfPack
Minimal experience in the creation of Story Maps using ESRIís Journal application
Use of raster layers to create topographic maps for use in the planning and installation of drainage ways

GIS Colorado, September 2017 - Present
Golden Key International Honour Society, April 2017 -

Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Horses, Swimming

Sara Constantine

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