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Joseph Naylor

Morrisville, PA, PA, USA

Senior GIS Analyst, ASRC Federal Vistronix, Environmental Protection Agency - July 2017 - Present
● Perform implementation processing and quality assurance/control as well as metadata maintenance (on updated and new GIS data)
● Create, translate and integrate GIS data layers and digitize new data using a variety of software
● Coordinate with other technicians and analysts in various data development and project support initiatives
● Provide technical expertise and support to EPA personnel and users in GIS and data efforts
● Complete special requests for various departments by utilizing existing data analyzing results and producing reports maps and supporting documentation

GIS Technician, BAE Systems - September 2015 - July 2017
● Excelled in a geospatial production environment on various delivery orders.
● Utilized various suites of software to complete tasks, including ArcGIS, Socet Set, GAIT and GDAT.
● Met or exceeded quality standards and deadlines on all projects.
● Broadened GIS knowledge while learning new software.
GIS Consultant, MCM Consulting Group - December 2015 - July 2017
● Part time consulting work for various Pennsylvania counties.
● Developed data layers from varied sources.
● Worked on Hazard Mitigation Plans and Risk Assessment Reports.
● Developed maps and information graphics to explain analysis.
GIS Specialist, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania - September 2013 - September 2015
● Managed the inception of the GIS department for Susquehanna County.
● Developed and maintained many digital data sets and shapefiles to support various government functions such as e-911, Emergency Management, Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Addressing and other departments.
● Created and maintained numerous web maps for various applications throughout the government utilizing flex, python and java programming languages.
● Produced hard copy, large format maps when requested to support emergency operations and other functions.
● Provided technical IT support for the Department of Public Safety.
Regional Director, Pennsylvania GIS Professionals - January 2014 - September 2015
● County GIS Professionals is a group of professional county employees dedicated to the coordination and leadership of GIS at all levels within county government; including the establishment, deployment and maintenance of GIS systems.
● Represent both county and region at organizational meetings.
● Participate in planning, training, and conferences.
● Keep informed about GIS related legislation and news that could impact state, region and county GIS entities.
Intern, Philadelphia Streets Department - June 2012 - September 2013
● Primary work was for the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC). Responsibilities include creating refuse pick-up routes for special clean up day events using routesmart technologies in ArcMap. Individual routing maps and lead sheets are created every week for this program.
● The City of Philadelphia’s snow plow routes were also updated using similar methods to PMBC routing.
● Other projects include: updating existing layer data (the city’s ZIP code data, for example), updating metadata and analysis of the bicycle lane network in the city.

Intern, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection – March 2010 – July 2010
● Worked on an interdepartmental project to evaluate the usage of stormwater basins in carbonate rock.
● Worked in cooperation with employees of the New Jersey Department Environmental Protection (NJDEP), New Jersey Geological Survey (NJGS), Warren Soil Conservation District (SCD), and New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA).
● Input stormwater basin data into the NJDA’s Stormwater Basin Management Information System (MIS) from post-construction projects located in karst geology.
● Gave formal comments on the applications within the NJDA Stormwater Basin MIS.
● Use GIS to identify high risk areas and created shapefiles for the respective basins.

Laboratory Technician, ConvaTec, November 2009 – June 2012
● Work involved research and development for Ostomy devices.
● Follow SOP’s and ISO’s and write lab reports based on results.
● Work involves using machines such as Texture Analyzer, Tensile Strength Tester and Air Leak Tester.

Joseph Naylor

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