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Daniel Bader

Wichita, KS, USA

Currently serve multiple roles in GIS at the City of Wichita, Ks. where I have served for 18 years. Some of the roles I currently hold are; GIS systems architect, lead GIS deveoper, ArcGIS Server Administrator, ArcGIS Geoevent Administrator, GIS applications Server Administrator (Windows Server 2016), Geocortex Essentials Administrator, Geocortex Analytics Administrator, IIS and GIS DFS Administrator.
Within those and other roles, I perform the following;
Design, test, implement support and troubleshoot GIS infrastructure with the latest
GIS software using best practices in a GIS Multi-Tier clustered architecture, leveraging
state of the art GIS, Windows and third party technology and software. Perform testing and
support of new or modified GIS application tier infrastructure by providing/modifying or
developing test platforms and testing perimeters.

Determine overall functional design and specific perimeters for the GIS
application tier, utilizing using a multi-tiered server architecture
based on best practices within given perimeters.Determine
required software, software versions, components and testing
requirments and perimeters of the GIS application tier.

Configure GIS application tier servers with roles, features and tools that are needed to
support design requirements. Including but not limited to the roles of; Web Server, File Server,
ArcGIS Server, Geocortex Essentials Server, Geocortex Analytics Server, Application
Request Routing Server, and Geoevent Server in production, test, and as needed
development environments. Included features such as; Distributed File
System (DFS), Network Load Balancing (NLB), Internet Information Services (IIS),
Health and diagnostics, Performance, Security, Application Development components, ArcGIS
Web Adaptor, and others as needed. Tools such as; IIS Management Console, IIS 6
Management Compatibility, IIS Management Scripts and Tools, IIS Management Service
components, Navigator For Geocortex Essentials, Notepad ++, and others as needed.

Determine which roles, features and tools that are needed to
support design requirements of GIS application tier servers.
Determine configuration for identified roles, features, and tools
and any supporting services/assistance that may be
required to support design requirements of GIS application
tier servers.

Coordinates with IT Operations Division on the configuration of server builds, Network Load
Balancing requirements, Domain Name Service requirements and any other needs that may
apply to the GIS application tier servers. If the configuration supports external customers,
coordination with Security Manager when needed for proper configuration of firewall and
to ensure compliance with other security rules and regulations. Also coordinates with web
group for proper Application Request Routing (ARR) rule building and implementation.
Coordinates with other divisions on various other matters when needed.

Determine what requirements are needed for the requested servers.
Determine the number of processors, amount of memory,
disk drive numbers and size, network connectivity, operating
system and other configuration as needed. Determine and provide
needed transmission protocols, routing and any other pertinent
information as requested by security manager. Determine and
provide Application Request Routing requirements to Web

Install, configure, support and troubleshoot GIS and other software as needed to support the
appropriate GIS application tier build; ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Web Adaptor, ArcGIS Desktop,
ArcGIS Catalog, Geocortex Essentials (GCE), Geocortex Analytics Agent. For Web tier: On
each server; Copy site files to new servers. Sites with custom forms require; Form directory
structure, modification of compiler batch file, modification of scripting code for new servers
and destination URL’s and modification of viewer json files to support custom libraries.
Setup, configure, cluster and synchronize GCE Manager with sites and/or build sites in GCE
manager as needed. Establish as needed, Windows Integrated Security protocols, by
configuring roles and users, passwords, and other data security features. Establish, manage
and administer file and directory security protocols that include IIS integration for web
sites. For GIS tier: Configuration of ArcGIS Server software; Establish site/service folder
structure, configure directories, configuration store, clusters, Data Stores and extensions.
Establish as needed, ArcGIS Server Security protocols, by configuring roles and users,
passwords, setting token lifespans and other data security as needed. Establish, manage
and administer file and directory security protocols. Establish supporting ArcGIS Server
services as needed, to include but not limited to; determine if services will support local
and/or ArcGIS Online (AGOL) sites. Copy or create required Map Documents (MXD) and/or
Service Definition Files (SD). Create virtual folder structure as needed in ArcGIS Server
Manager. Publish Map, Feature, Geocode and any other supporting services as needed.

Determine settings required by software to support applicable GIS
tier server build. Determine requirements for file and data
locations, supporting directory structures, modifications to batch
files and custom libraries. Determine modifications to configuration files, scripting files,
and user interface forms and files. Determine configurations for clustering
and synchronizing GCE Manager, ArcGIS Server, IIS, and
other subsytems, software and/or tools as needed. Determine
supporting services as needed. Determine if services will support
local and/or cloud based sites. Determine required Map Documents (MXD) and/or Service
Definition Files (SD) needed. Determine folder structure required to support
services.Determine security requirements and protocols that may be needed. Establish
security/user roles. Determined security type and extent needed to
support required data and system security.

Design and build GIS web, desktop application, web services development to improve user
experience and delivery of GIS -related spatial data. Develop, support and troubleshoot
Geocortex, ArcGIS Online for base development using javascript and additional
programming languages to create and design a functional applications, tools and services.

Design and delivery of web application. Choosing functionality of tools, data delivery and
research suggestions from users for improvements or modifications

Fulfill user requests for custom GIS development. Creation of spatially enabled web
sites, web services, REST and SOAP services, map services, feature services, map cache
services, WMS and WFS OGC compliant map services, geocode and geometry services,
stream service, virtual directory services and other custom GIS services as needed. Creation
of programming and scripting libraries, support of embedded scripts and code bases in a
variety of programming and scripting languages and delivery platforms. Assist and
provide technical and troubleshooting support for GIS and other IT staff as well as general
users in a variety of GIS related offerings ranging from web based to desktop

Determine use case and customer requirements. Determine best practices needed to meet customers goals. Determine GIS/IT assets needed or new requirements for software,
hardware or development ofsupporting services.

Provide support for City applications that consume GIS data such as Police RMS, CIS
Infinity, and Lucity, and provide technical support for coding, scripting, and systems as
needed to IT Staff

Research and design best approach to solve issue or idea.
Design and delivery of GIS solutions to requester.

Technical training for GIS staff and others in GIS architecture design, configuration, and
setup. Training for software and applications through documentation, in-house, one-on-one.
Meeting with GIS staff on regular basis to exchange ideas, thoughts, goals and planning.

How to customize the training based on the software and the
audience to improve the experience and retention of the user

Coordinate with Vendors for software purchases, services and demos. As well as
software support.

Decide upon purchases and support that could benefit the City,
IT or the GIS division, decide whether to close out a vendor
service, whether it met the requirements agreed upon.

Conduct Research & Development. Research state of the art and emerging GIS and IT
technologies. And how they would apply to current and future needs and what benefits
would be available to the organization.

Determine future GIS technical trends. Evaluate the benefits of
specific technologies to the organization. Make recommendations on future
technologies and technical paths, and plan for possible integration of
new technologies.
In 1995 was assigned as a collateral duty to the Harvey County GIS Task Force. In 1997 I was offered the opportunity to start the GIS department in Harvey County Ks. by becoming the GIS Coordinator. As GIS Coordinator, I in conjunction with the county Cartographer, began the process of digitizing the parcel maps of Harvey Count using ESRI Arc Info software. Along with the parcel maps, we also began the the process of digitizing and creating street center lines that were eventually integrated into the 911 CAD system in Harvey County. Along with this, GIS data was used and eventually integrated into the appraisers work flow.
US Navy Radioman (Now Information Technology) Petty Officer First Class.
Overseen the operations of communications on two US Navy ships. Tasked with the Quality Control and integration of communications and data systems on newly commissioned vessel. Also overseen the integration for data systems on another ship as well as being a member of the Commander Southern Atlantic Forces Communications Assistance Team during UNITAS XXXI.
While a member of this team I earned a letter of commendation for the successful configuration of a host Navy's computer system to allow them to receive Link 14 data and translate it into a visual representation. This was accomplished while deployed on the foreign navy ship with minimal support personnel available.

I am looking for a post retirement position where I can leverage my 20+ years of GIS experience in a telecommute environment. Open to salary and benefits, willing to travel but not relocate.
Thank You

Daniel Bader

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