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Tim Randol


Recent graduate in Geographic Information Systems with a background in geological sciences seeking entry-level opportunities to grow and build my geospatial and geoscience career path. Motivated to apply the tools and techniques learned through my education in GIS, spatial analyses, remote sensing, and image processing.

Graduate Certificate Geographic Information Science Class of 2021
Portland State University Portland, OR
o Spatial modeling techniques, dasymetric mapping, raster processing and analysis using ArcGIS Pro, Arcmap, ENVI, and QGIS.
o Term project: Natural and Secluded places in San Francisco.
Digital Compilation and Database Design
o Concepts and methods for working with relational databases and DBMS's.
o Experience performing queries and writing scripts using PostgreSQL and PostGIS through PG4Admin.
Remote Sensing
o Analysis of air photo pattern recognition and scale distortions.
o Visual interpretation and measurement from remotely sensed imagery used for mapping and spatial data development.
o Term Project: Using LiDAR to measure surface roughness of alluvial fan age.
Digital Terrain Analysis
o DEM generation, LiDAR point cloud data processing, UAV regulations and flight procedures, 3D terrain visualization methods, and watershed delineation using ArcGIS Pro.
o ArcGIS Pro, database organization, dataset download and processing.
o Term Project: Ideal Locations for Chanterelle Mushrooms in Tillamook State Forest.

Bachelor of Science Geology Class of 2017
San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA
Emphasis on mapping coastal processes and environments, characterizing the regional geology of the Franciscan Complex, lithologic unit and contact identification, investigating neotectonics and development of Pleistocene pluvial lakes through the Eastern California shear zone and Death Valley fault system.

Applicable Skills
ArcGIS software
Cartographic design principles
Map production
Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator)
Data handling and DB design
Vector and raster data processing
Geologic mapping
PostgreSQL & PostGIS

Tim Randol

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