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Oleg Bizin


I'm looking for a position of a Cartographer, GIS analyst, GIS specialist or any related. Experienced in this field more than 7 years. Excellent knowledge of GIS software, principles of database design, as well as basic software like MS Office etc. I aspire to develop my knowledge and skills continuously. I'm easy to train and able to learn independently. Also interested in LIDAR and UAV for mapping and surveying.

Currently I am in Russia, but I will gladly consider any offers from English speaking countries. In this case obtaining of work permission, appropriate visa will be needed. Due to the possible language difficulties, I'm ready for entry-level positions.

Skill Highlights
• 3d modeling of urban territories
• Address parsing
• Aerial imagery
• CAD to GIS conversion
• Custom CS
• Customer support
• Data Bases
• Data quality reports
• Data structure interoperability
• Data updating and actualization • ETL processes
• Field research
• Formats interoperability
• Georeferencing
• Interpretation of remote sensing data
• Map design and publishing
• Photogrammetry (basics)
• Process automation
• Quality control • Raster to Vector conversion
• Re-Projection
• Spatial analysis
• Spatial data audit of companies
• Spatial queries
• Supervising of cartographers group
• Surveying (basics)
• User training

• 3ds max
• Adobe Photoshop
• Agisoft PhotoScan
• ArchiCAD
• AutoCAD
• AutoCAD Map 3D • CorelDRAW
• EasyTrace
• FME Desktop
• Intergraph GeoMedia
• MapInfo Professional • MS Office
• Oracle PL/SQL


Leading Cartographer, Leading Software Implementation Specialist
CSoft-Terra 4/2012 - Current Tyumen, Russia

Successful participation in seven major GIS implementation projects for government authorities and private structures, as well as in more than 15 projects of GIS prototypes. For almost 6 years in company I processed hundreds gigabytes of spatial data, created plenty of maps projects using various GIS software and loaded data into dozens of DB schemes. My essential duties are:
• Collection, analysis, systematization, processing and loading of spatial data in information system's DB, including different kinds of ETL-processes, formats and storage schemes conversion, reprojection and georeferencing
• Description and actualization of incoming spatial data
• Working with vector and raster data
• Digitization of cartographic data of all kinds
• Preparation and design of electronic maps of various thematic content
• Customer’s information systems surveying in the part of spatial data, description of these systems
• Interaction with software developers to report the needs of customers, assistance with spatial data
• Providing technical support to customers
• Supervision of a group of cartographers, tasks assignment, quality control
• Training of users (small groups)

GIS Specialist
2GIS 6/2011 – 4/2012 Tyumen, Russia

• The whole range of works related to the cartographic part of the business listing 2GIS to keep its map correct and actual
• During working period, I checked and updated territory of 3 cities, 60+ villages, hundreds of streets and thousands of buildings and their addresses, walked around more than 100 square kilometers (38 square miles)
• Performed map editing based on field research, including topology checking and road graph editing
• Almost monthly overfulfilment of the plan for the verification of the city districts up to 200%

SibGeoProject 2/2011 – 4/2011 Tyumen, Russia

• As contract employee I performed georeferencing and vectorization dozens of raster maps on the territory of the client's oil fields
• Carried out quality control of georeferencing and vectorization works of internship team
• Created and designed ArcGIS MXD projects

Cartography Technician, Cartographer
West Siberian Aerogeodesic Enterprise 7/2010 – 2/2011 Tyumen, Russia

• Mastered digitization skill in government company on a bunch of scanned topographic maps performing work considering strict soviet standards and GOST’s
• Created and edited of thematic maps by client’s requests
• Worked on maps design and prepared touristic maps of 3 cities
• Improved process of preparation maps for publication
• Developed the technology of 3d modeling of urban territories (free-time work)

Survey Technician (Internship)
Neoproekt 7/2007 Tyumen, Russia
• Pipeline surveying
• Editing CAD data


Bachelor’s Degree – Geoinformatics 2004-2010
Tyumen State University Tyumen, Russia

Oleg Bizin

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