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Aaron Vaughn

Bozeman, MT, USA

*Willing to relocate -- GIS professional with over two years experience working within the public sector. Effective, full of passion and drive, and has an enthusiastic spirit working with others, backed with a decade-long history in copywriting for the web, graphic design,and technical communication, to make for a well-rounded, big-picture contributor for an organization.

**GIS Experience**

--Bozeman City Temp GIS Analyst for Public Works - (July -Oct 2017)

* Deep-dive project resurrecting archived hard copy files and draft drawings later posted to city's web map viewer. The layer, an SDE feature class, is a collection of dozens of 'Payback' districts, areas in the city where developers are essentially paid back their added work putting in utility extension when new businesses and residents build and utilize them. Viewable at

* Created graphs for GIS manager and Public Works director to show how street crews tasked with collecting GIS data and repairing potholes based on those data are
reducing their workload of milling and patching every year likely because of the data-driven decisions over a 3-year period.

*Created dashboard using Esri's new web-based 'Operations Dashboard' to view live data with gravity main stormwater maintenance for Fiscal Year 2018.

* Created Bozeman's "Streamline" bus stop and route schedule map -- later integrated into a GIS department authored "Transportation Story Map" for multi-modal transportation.

*Was part of the Bozeman GIS team when they won an award at Esri's User Conference in July of 2017"

* Overseen by Jon Henderson, GIS Manager,

--Great Falls City Maps and Addressing (Dec 2016 to June 2017)

-GIS Analyst Volunteer

* Assisted building open data portal using Esri's cloud software.

* Create thematic maps to show annexation expansion and overall city growth over the past 17 years for city Fire officials.

* Develop graphs through table data for better insights viewing non-spatial data.

* Utilize database file data for layers and create custom geodatabases to be shared within the department.

* Update 2010 U.S. Census data for landmarks and city center polylines with appropriate lookup codes and title fields.

* Overseen by Jeff Hedstrom, City GIS Coordinator,

--Montana State Library (July - Dec 2016)

Water Information System Hydrography Editor íV Intern Helena, MT

* Edited the USGS National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) for the Lower Musselshell watershed basin.

* Digitized over 1,200 square miles of area that included stream flowlines, water bodies, dams, and canals -- quality analysis and checks conducted throughout process.

* Referenced satellite imagery -- 4-band NAIP imagery including NIR imagery so as to get accurate editing results and better visualize surface water and surface water evidence.

* Demonstrated during a meeting the integration of Python script to launch Google Earth to match the ArcMap extents to give yet another means of referencing satellite aerial imagery to identify surface water.

* Used the USDA Land Cover dataset water body feature class to overlay against NHD waterbody data to find matches and missing polygons as a QC method.

* Ran topology to check for gaps, overlaps, and intersects with streamlines and water body polygons to see that they were properly snapped.

* Overseen by Troy Blandford,, Water Information Manager


--Carroll College GIS 110 Project: Water Pipeline Location and Replacement Aug-Dec 2015

* Took GPS coordinate recordings (Trimble) of water trough locations to identify an unknown pipeline location (circa 1974),which no longer keeps water stock tanks filled.

* Uploaded recordings and post-processed through Terrasync software into ArcCatalog.

* Digitized lines between troughs to model pipeline locations and lengths to base feature layer.

* Called for construction quotes given specific pipe materials and lengths based on the data created within the GIS. Referred to the Montana State Univesity extension office for detailed information.

* Delivered a presentation with overhead map and report explaining intent, roadblocks, data sources, and results.

* Instructed by Professor Dave Marshall, Founder of the Carroll GIS Certification Program

--Carroll College GIS 220 DatabasesíV USGS Soils Map Georeferencing/Digitizing Aug -- Dec 2015 Student Project

* Georeferenced and projected a USGS 7.5 minute topo map (scanned .TIFF file) using listed coordinates.

* Created links and used the hatch marks as reference points to rectify map and project map to Montana State Plane.

* Digitized from one large polygon that covered the map extent, and cut separate polygons for each soil type. Created a data table with domain for accurate drop-down soil type selections (coded values).

*Filled in appropriate metadata for the project using FGDC template.

* Created a cartographically pleasing map with citations, color-coded legend, title, background basemap, and publisher name.

* Instructed by GIS professional and GIS business owner, Dave Highness (Adjunct instructor and Owner of Async, GIS Inc in Helena, MT.)

--Carroll College GIS 435 Project: BLM Grazing Leases and Percent Land Cover Jan-May 2016 Student Project

* Downloaded datasets from BLM district office and Montana State Library referencing USGS GAP Analysis.

* Discovered through different analysis techniques (joins, intersects, dissolves, and field calculations) percentage of grassland for leases in a specific county area.

* Presented findings on the research with a question and answer session among peers.

* Included a 10-page report detailing the process and print-out of the map.

* Instructed by Lewis and County GIS Coordinator, Eric Spangenberg


-Carroll College 2016

Geographic Information Systems Certificate Helena, MT

-University of Utah 2006

B.A. Mass Communication; Print Journalism Salt Lake City, UT


ArcGIS Products: ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro (ArcMap being the most familiar 10.0-10.5), ArcGIS for Server (Enterprise); Quantum GIS (vector analysis only); Google Earth, Google Earth Engine (some familiarity).

*Other Software Familiarity: Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux Mint, Ubuntu; Database: Windows SQL, Arc SQL query selection; Publishing: InDesign; Graphic Design Software: Photoshop CS5, GIMP; Text Editor Software: Notepad ++; Word Processing: MS Word, LibreOffice Writer,
Apache OpenOffice Writer

Aaron Vaughn

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