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Jacob Norton

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Jacob Norton

790 Shady Drive E, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Phone: +1 (315) 399-6701 //



Washington, PA

7/2017 – Present

Coordinate with various departments to create land based environmental data maps for company use

Create workflow processes to assist multiple departments with various GIS-based projects

Work with engineers to create CAD and GIS based mapping solutions for surface plant, above ground and underground longwall, continuous and highwall operations

Implement and maintain various system databases with continuously changing geographic and underground geologic formations

Assisting with team and project administration

Mapping company asset data under the supervision of the GIS Manager

Development of GIS services and delivery of GIS products to various departments

Assist in GIS Web Portal maintenance for Land department agents to use in geographic documentation

Suggests process improvements in workflow management to further enhance company efficiency and meet project deadlines in a timely manner

Performs and manages QA/QC processes

Performs spatial analysis tasks as given

Fluency in working with COGO data processes and tasks

Render CAD drawings for use in assessment plans

AutoCAD/ArcGIS mapping conversion proficiency

Perform SQL, VBScript and Python queries as well as Excel formulas

Knowledge of various ArcGIS and CAD applications; ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Earth

Survey 123, Collector and Enterprise spatial and raster data analysis experience


Washington, PA

7/2017 – Present

Trek harsh terrain (up to 10 miles/day) to collect field data assessments

Carry heavy loads of equipment to allow for collection of wetland, stream and geologic data to be

used in field reports for QA/QC processes

Create team schedules for environmental department to collect and accurately display field data

for state department review

Monitor hydrologic surface water  points for changes in water flow and biodiversity

Perform site assessments on wetland surface areas

Work in the areas of environmental impact assessment, natural resource management,

permitting and approval processes

Perform technical work and develop project execution strategies

Develop and manage projects and lead client interactions

May plan, schedule, coordinate, and oversee the work of other scientists and specialists who assist

with particular projects

Assist in strategy development and preparation of federal, state and local permit applications


Erie, PA

October 2014 – May 2017

Provide desktop and mobile computing support, train users and diagnose problems

Administer all IT equipment - desktop computing, servers, printers, telephone instruments and equipment, video conferencing, switches, routers, and other general networking equipment

Perform proactive maintenance on all computing equipment

Work closely with various faculty departments

Working knowledge of remote connectivity software such as Cisco VPN and mobile client workstations

Provides technical support for end user computers, applications, printers, phones, time clocks, key control devices, network and application connectivity, and cell phones/radio devices

Installs and troubleshoots hardware and software. This includes, but not limited to, network equipment, computers, printers, phones, time clocks, and key control devices



Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science

Skills & Abilities

Excellent written, visual, and verbal communication skills

Strong base skills in GIS

Resolves construction details with construction personnel

Ability to create, manage, and convert geo-databases and coverages into other formats

Ability to perform spatial analysis through basic SQL and spatial queries.

Ability to perform quality control checks of GIS data

Proficiency with Microsoft Excel as demonstrated by the ability to write formulas, build macros, enter data and open/import data in various formats

Ability to use Geographic Information Systems and applications including but not limited to ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Earth

Ability to use MS Office including Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

Ability to import data, write simple queries, and develop reports and forms

FAA Licensed Fix/Quadcopter Drone Pilot, use of softwares such as eMotion and Pix4D

Jacob Norton

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