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Taylor Hohensee


Mission: Collect and produce high integrity data that helps clarify problems and identify positive triple bottom line solutions.

High quality data collection in remote environments
Strong understanding of cartographic design principles
Geospatial data management
Effective communication in both written and verbal formats
Works effectively in individual and team settings
Computer software experience: Microsoft office suite, Adobe suite, Google products, ArcGIS, Arcpad, ERDAS, Pathfinder office, Terrasync, Avenza Maps
Hardware: Trimble GPS units (Geo X7 series and Junos), PC and Mac computers, printers, spot devices, copiers, and multiline phones

Professional Experience
United States Forest Service-San Juan National Forest Durango, Colorado
Hydrologic Technician May 2018-Nov 2018
May 2019-Nov 2019
Primary duties included inventorying water resources in preparation for timber sales, collecting data on hydrologic conditions (flows, cross sections, proper functioning condition) and collecting water samples from alpine lakes located throughout the wilderness. Auxiliary projects included support for fisheries and forest closure operations during the 416 fire. The diversity of these projects emphasized the need to be flexible and willing to adapt week to week.

Created maps for use during field work, and as final products for reports to supervisors. Preformed QA/QC on field collected data. Uploaded and corrected field data into usable formats.
Trained coworkers and interns on ArcMap and GPS basics
Timber-Used GPS units to map features, preformed lotic and lentic proper functioning condition(PFC) assessments on a variety of water features and streams, assessed road conditions

Tools Used: Trimble Geo 7x with Pathfinder Office, Marsh McBirney Flow Mate, Backpack electrofisher, Survey equipment, Esri ArcMap

American Conservation Experience Moab, Utah
Riparian/Hydrology Intern with the Bureau of Land Management
August 2016-Feburary 2018

Designed and independently implemented a spring inventory for the BLM Canyon Country district office. The inventory involved deep back country navigation on rough 4x4 roads and on foot, GPS usage, and water quality sampling ( pH, conductivity, flows, etc). 79 springs were sampled in the span of 5 months.
Additional resource monitoring primarily focused on water quality sampling this involved visiting at least 4 sites per month and collecting pH, flow, conductivity in the field while also sending a sample in for laboratory analysis. In conjunction with the water quality was more infrequent monitoring including hydrological cross sections, piezometer measurements and photo monitoring.
Worked on riparian restoration projects involving the design and facilitation of invasive species removal, planting of native vegetation and maintaining and monitoring past projects. This varied work resulted in multiple roles including volunteer management, monitoring, plant counts, fencing and technical report writing.

Tools Used: YSI Pro Plus, Marsh-McBirney Flow Meter, weir, Oakton PCS Testr 35

American Conservation Experience St. George, Utah
Recreation Intern with the Bureau of Land Management May 2016-June 2016

Acted as a Bureau of Land Management representative within the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (NCA) through the Memorial Day and 4th of July visitation spikes.
Provided up to date information to the public about recreational opportunities and conditions, the campground, and regulations. Majority of these interactions were conducted from a visitor contact station or while patrolling trails.
Interacted with at least 150 visitors during peak visitation times, holidays and weekends.

American Conservation Experience Hurricane, Utah
450 hour Americorps Crew Member February 2016- April 2016

As part of a team of up to 8 other volunteers we worked on various conservation projects throughout public lands of Southern Utah. Throughout the 3 month term, 8 day long periods of primitive camping were required with adherence to leave no trace ethics. The work was generally very physical in nature including tasks like trail building or spraying herbicide.

Example of projects worked on:
Riparian restoration along the Virgin River involving willow pole planting
Trail maintenance and 3 miles of new tread construction
Terrestrial invasive species removal (Cheatgrass and Mullein) in Zion National Park

Tools Used: Backpack herbicide sprayers, shovels, McLeod, picks, rock bars, single and double jacks, brush cutters, loppers, pole saws, fencing pliers

Meadows Center for Water and the Environment San Marcos, Texas
Student Worker for the Aquatic Biology Field Crew May 2015- Dec 2015

Applied the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to the San Marcos River contributed through aquatic invasive species removal ( hydrilla, hygraphilla, and water lettuce), dredging of excessive sediment to create habitat for native species and planting of native species (Texas Wild Rice, Grassy Arrowhead, and Stargrass).
Contributed to research involving benthic macroinvertebrates (field collection, lab work).
Performed various GIS related tasks including: vegetation and habitat mapping, managed portions of a trout habitat mapping project for a Montana Indian Reservation

Tools Used: YSI Multi-parameter meter, flow meter, microscope, kick and drift nets, seine nets, snorkel, dive mask, waders, hydraulic trailer, kayaks, ArcGIS, Photoshop, Trimble Geo7x

City of San Marcos- Solid Waste Division San Marcos, Texas
Event and GIS Intern May 2015-Dec 2015

Managed waste diversion during a summer long concert series and winter festival
Educated the public about recycling and composting basics while managing up to 10 volunteers ensuring they were adequately prepared to handle their assigned tasks.
Created multiple professional maps using ArcMap to showcase departmental programs to city council.

Bachelors of Science in Geography- Resource and Environmental Studies December 2015
Texas State University- San Marcos, TX
Minor in Business Administration
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GPA: 3.96, Summa cum Laude Graduate
Relevant Coursework

Advanced GIS
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
Environmental Management
Water Resources

Taylor Hohensee

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