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Richard Graczyk


Richard George Graczyk
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Mid-Level Multi-Intelligence Analyst and Database Manager with an active Top Secret/SCI security clearance, with over ten years of proven experience in the United States Army Special Operations. Recipient of an Associate’s Degree with Honors in General Education and Geospatial Engineering. Certified in Disaster Management and Leadership. Also, over 136 credit hours toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Project management. Accomplished four international disaster relief missions and two classified operation missions effecting direct National Security Strategy efforts, while leading a team of eight military personnel in complex and fast-paced environments. Possesses a comprehensive background in data collection, extraction and Multi-INT analysis. GIS production to include terrain, imagery analysis and bathymetry in tactical, operational, and strategic level operations. Continually managed and maintained equipment and systems valued over $395,000 with zero loss of capability. Possesses extensive knowledge in database management, quality assurance, quality control to provide quick and accurate results of request for information (RFI), personnel management, training development, and Geospatial Intelligence. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding performance and professionalism in the United States Army Special Operations Regiment.

Professional Experience

Civil Affairs Specialist; November 2014 – Present

• Gathered, processed and developed geospatial data within specific shared databases across multiple customers to include OGC, ESRI, PMI and Palantir to influence key actors of important decisions.
• Designed and improved geospatial databases within the Africa Area of Operations; enhancing the overall functionality of the Commanders Operating Picture by 80% for Joint Special Operation Forces in central Somalia
• Lauded for saving 117 Somali Special Forces Soldiers lives by providing an IED analysis product on a specific route. This product was built on previous IED sites that were identified and confirmed by Joint Special Operation Forces of Germany, Denmark and US.
• Provided insight to one US Special Operation Colonel and one Danish SOF Commander during combat deployment operations, in order to assist in understanding the operational environment through Geospatial Intelligence.
• Maintained third-party funding in excess of 10 million dollars without losing accountability for essential processes to include contracts of ISR and GIS platforms.
• Educated my team on ARCGIS, Python, Java Script and HTML to provide cross-training.
• Maintained Geospatial Data and designed database structures in an ArcSDE environment.
• Supplemented the S2 Shop by utilizing Python scripting to automate GIS workflow.

Geospatial Engineer, United States Army; March 2010 – November 2014

• Utilized geographic data to support military and civilian operations for disaster relief and homeland security. Collected, analyzed, and distributed geospatial information data from satellite imagery, aerial photography and field reconnaissance. Created, and compiled data into maps.
• Improved US Japan public relations through exceptional partnership building capacity, utilizing ARCGIS software providing a common operating picture.
• Utilizing Python and ArcGIS, geo-processed large amounts of data that cover whole countries into smaller, manageable quantifiable data sets. Mainly utilizing the buffer tool in order to show clients RFI's in a clear concise product, minimizing confusion during a crucial operational decision point.
• Provided Japan ministry of health potential nuclear fallout wind forecast, utilizing data from NOAA weather sensors. Data was implemented and disseminated potentially saving over 30,000 lives from radiation exposure.
• Built, Edited and Maintained ArcMap and ArcCatalog shapefiles and geodatabases for regimental use.
• Appointed as the lead database manager in charge of collection and management of Unclassified and Classified imagery, LIDAR, base maps and bathymetry.


• Bachelor's Degree in Project Management, Purdue, West Lafayette, Indiana – (Graduation to be December 2021) Courses Completed: Cultural Geography Physical Science, Earth Science, Business Management
• Associate's Degree in General Education (with Honors) Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, North Carolina; May 2019
• Advanced Leadership Course (GIS Engineer); April 2014
• ESRI Intermediate GIS for Analysis, NGA College; October 2011
• Advanced Geospatial Analyst Course, NGA, August 2011
• ESRI Fundamentals of GIS, NGA College; October 2010
• Critical Thinking, Army instructors; March 2010
• U.S. Army Geospatial Engineer Course; March 2010


• Recognized for producing and managing GIS Databases to aid with the remapping of Japan after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami April 2011
• Two Army Achievement Medals; November 2011, October 2013
• One Army Commendation Medal; June 2016
• Joint Service Commendation Medal (JSAM) for meritorious achievement of service during a 6-month SOCAF deployment; October 2019
• Recognized by GEN Townsend, AFRICOM Commander for managing and producing over 20 GIS products and producing a map catalog for customers to improve HUMINT and GEOINT’s customer support and effective product dissemination; October 2019
• Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Award; October 2019

Systems, Software, Tools, and Proficiencies

Database Management, ArcGIS, Gaia, ArcGIS Quick Capture, iGIS, Bead and Scatter, Digital Globe, Palantir, ERDAS, Imagine, Theodalite, Google Earth, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Apple/LinuxTerminal, HTML, Java and WebInspector Console, Python, JavaScript

Richard Graczyk

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