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Nathan Einsiedler

West Hills, CA, USA

Nathan Einsiedler
8601 Rudnick Avenue West Hills, CA 91304

As a certified Geographic Information Systems professional, I seek to add value to an organization where I can contribute to the mission with my education and skills.

Summary of Qualifications
ArcMap 10.3 proficiency Used to view, edit, create, and analyze geospatial data
ArcCatalog Geobase administration application to maintain geospatial data and the corresponding metadata
ArcGIS online Cloud-based GIS mapping software connects people, locations, and data using interactive maps
Analyzes and enables Structured Query Language (SQL) data analysis
Uses GPS unit for collection of data and trains others on GPS use
Produce high cartographic output for publication for private and public display
Acquires, maintains and edits geographic and tabular data
Knowledge of geocoding, creating address locator as well as reference layer(s)

● Los Angeles Pierce College (Woodland Hills, CA) June 2019
California State Approved Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
● University of California, Santa Barbara ( Goleta, CA)
Major: Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts June 2011
Minor: Athletic Coaching

Work Experience
Chaminade College Preparatory High School (West Hills, CA) | Assistant Football Coach| (2012 to Present)
● Defensive Coordinator for Freshmen Team
● Implemented Scheme and Technique for week to week defensive game plans
Uber Transportation Services (Self -Employed) | (March 2015 to November 2017)
● Transported people around the city and county of Los Angeles for various functions
Huntington Learning Center (Simi Valley, CA) | SAT/ACT Math Tutor | (June 2012 to Dec 2014)
● Administered practice questions and exams to students to boost their math proficiency for the specific math portion of either the SAT or ACT

GIS Student Projects
Analyzed the homelessness crisis within LA County using 2017 data from LAHSA
- Spatially analyzed various factors that lead to homelessness
- Produced maps showing affected areas within LA County
Mapped American with Disabilities (ADA) features on the main campus of Pierce College
- Recorded handicap features using GPS receivers to map their location
- Digitized access pathways for handicap students to get around campus
- Produced maps for public display to benefit handicap students
Spatially analyzed locations of smoke shops in relation to middle and high schools
- Compared Beverly Hills and the west San Fernando Valley
- Used GIS spatial tools to analyze the proximity of schools to smoke shops
- Produced maps comparing both regions with concluded results

Analyzed DUI crime data within San Fernando Valley in relation to their proximity to marijuana dispensaries

Nathan Einsiedler

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