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Josh Klaus

San Francisco, CA, USA

Josh Klaus
San Francisco, CA


To obtain a position working within the GIS community where I can build upon my passion for maps while providing experience in data analytics and geoprocessing tools.


University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 1997-2001
BA Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology
BA Geography (GIS tract)

City College of San Francisco 2013-2016
Coursework in Python, Unix/Linux, MySQL, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET 4.0 GPA
Certificate in Java Programming


Sanborn Map Co July 2017 Present
Federal contractor at Regional United States Forest Service office
GIS programmer/analyst

Develop Python script to automate Spatial analysis of Endangered Species databases
Collaborate with regional Forest GIS coordinators to produce MVUM maps
Perform QA/QC of regional GIS roads and trails data

FlowWest August 2016 November 2016
Staff Data Scientist

Develop software solutions to refine models of Chinook Salmon life cycle in Central Valley
Debug and develop Python scripts to refine datasets of water quality
Perform GIS analysis of Land Use change for Solano County

Google December 2015 July 2016 Technical Operations Specialist

Provide Developers support integrating the Android Pay API into mobile app buy flow.
Support Operations and Technical Managers develop workflows and improve processes.
Assist Engineers with testing new build to API prior to release of Core update

Apple April 2015 August 2015
GIS Data Technician

Assessed, validated, and enhanced world location data for metrics and consumer application.
Supported team in data creation of polylines of road network connectivity.
Provided technical services within the team through iMac setup and software installation.
Assisted management with specification development and their application in data creation.

YouTube June 2014 April 2015
Operations Specialist

Provided direction to team on proper response to partner inquiries about flagged issues.
Directed team on status of resolution to current bugs within data and platform architecture.
Assist partners with ingestion failures delivering content through DDEX or XML.
Acted as a global liaison between Asian and LatAm technology managers.
Provided leadership for team in queries and analysis of assets and claims.

City and County of San Francisco, CA October 2007- April 2008
GIS Analyst

Provided department lead direction on how to improve current infrastructure.
Weekly collected updates to sewer infrastructure via data ingestion.
Updated the database of sewer network data via AutoCAD and prioritized schedules for repairs.

CDFA/USDA Modesto, CA February 2003- April 2003
GIS Analyst

Created maps to direct county workers to locate the spread of Exotic Newcastle Disease.
Supervised staff on how to perform spatial analysis in Arc Toolbox .
Instructed staff on how to perform spatial analysis of locations known to have disease.

UC-Berkeley CAMFER Lab October 2002- February 2003
RA II-GIS Analyst

Directed staff on how to develop a backup server with Apache 2.042 + Tomcat 4.0.
Installed ArcIMS 4.0 and performed updates to the Oakmapper website.
Setup an IBM DB2 RDBMS with ArcSDE 8.2 for data storage.

NOAA/NGDC Solid Earth Geophysics Division Boulder, CO August 2001- Oct 2002
Geospatial Data Technician

Led the design and creation of several ArcIMS websites displaying ecological, geophysical, and natural hazard data with XML, HTML, and javascript.
Directed staff on how to administer ArcIMS map services to serve spatially-enabled databases through ArcSDE onto Internet websites.
Utilized spatial analysis tools to convert point data to polygons with IDW technique to represent drought level change over time across the United States.
Performed overlay analysis to correlate annual precipitation and temperature data layers to determine ecological region.

NOAA/NGDC Solid Earth Geophysics Division Boulder, CO August 1997- August 2001
Geographic Information Systems Operator (Work Study Internship)

Created conversion procedures for moving data between different GIS platforms.
Supervised a team that developed a RDBMS for Metadata documentation.
Completed project that developed improved methods for delineating ecologically determined regions based on underlying criteria.


Languages: Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, R, C#, ASP.NET
RDBMS: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server
GIS: ArcGIS 10.4, QGIS, ArcPy, FME, ModelBuilder, Spatial Analyst, Arc Toolbox


Josh Klaus

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