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Bhopal, India

Mohd Zeeshan Siddiqui(
Senior Research Fellow, GIS Analyst, Geologist
NOV 2014 – Till Present (4 years, 7 months, 4 days)

Senior Research Fellow | @ Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology, Government of India
Vighyan Bhavan, Nehru Nagar, Bhopal – Madhya Pradesh

I'm a 30 year’s old living in Bhopal (M.P.), currently posted as SRF in Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology (Bhopal, M.P.).I had passed Master of Science (GEOLOGY) in 2012 and Additional Degree of Master of Science and Technology (Remote Sensing & GIS) in 2013 .I love everything that has to do with my work and I am true devoted for the work assigned to me. I work Friendly with my colleagues. I also worked as GIS Analyst & Geologist in the past.

WORK EXPERIENCE (Total 6.9 Years’ Experience)

I am working in Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology since Nov 2011, here I had completed two big projects and one pilot project sponsored by National Remote Sensing Center, Hyderabad, ISRO Govt. of India.
Description of Project:-

Project first-------
1- Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission Project- Phase IV
 Georeferenced the satellite image & Shapefiles to 1:50 k SOI Grid.
 Satellite Image Processing.
 Generation of Water Body Layer on 1:50 k Scale of M.P.
 Updation of thematic layers like Lithology, Geomorphology, structures, Hydrology, Lithgeom and Base Maps layers on 1:50k of 140 toposheets with the help of LISS -III Image.
 Assignment of sym codes & Data to the attribute in ArcGIS.
 Successfully submitted the project to NRSC, ISRO, Hyderabad.

Project second---------
2- Preparation of Groundwater Quality Maps under RGNDWM Phase – IV”
 Preparation of Groundwater quality map corresponding to 1:50,000 scale SOI toposheets (405) of 36 District of Madhya Pradesh.
 Obtained Legacy groundwater quality data which include 9 parameters as pH, TH, Fe, Cl, TDS, NO3, SO4, F, TA from PHED OF District of MP.
 Generation of Settlement, Drainage & Forest layer layers of 36 dist. Of M.P.
 Generation Groundwater quality point layer from legacy data of PHED of pre-monsoon & post monsoon.
 Interpolation of GWQ Point layer of the whole MP.
 Generation of Final GWQ Layer of MP.
 Map Composition -Layers composition using Template & RGNDWM Base map layers.
 Assignment of symbol codes & creation of map Legend.
 Creation of 405 MAPS (SOI, Toposheets wise-36 Dist. of MP).
 Successfully Created 405 GWQ MAP of 36 Dist. of MP & submitted to NRSC, ISRO Hyderabad for EQC.

Project thirs-------
3- Pilot study of Ground Water Prospect & Ground Water Quality Sanchi Block, Raisen, Dist. (MP) for 10K Maps
 Fieldwork at Sanchi Block, Raisen Dist. (MP).
 Measured water table & total depth of tube well, bore well &Dug wells.
 GPS Location of each tube well, bore well & Dug wells.
 Photograph of GPS location.
 Cross check Drainage and inferred drainage (Buried Drainage).

Data Analyst |@ Topograply Solution Pvt. Ltd.
April 2011 – June 2013 (2.2 years)

My first job, here I was working with my studies performing the duties of 5 hours daily. My main work was to Digitization of different maps for the company and field work for taking GPS points.

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