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Aaron Paul

Happy Valley, OR, USA

Aaron Paul
• 16+ years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Expert knowledge and technical expertise in leveraging the Esri platform
• Passionate about presenting and sharing the power of web mapping technologies
• Database administration, content management, systems integration
• Project / team management, leadership, ability to manage multiple priorities
• Ability to increase efficiency and effectiveness of systems and users
• Strong communication skills (written, oral, listening, consulting)
• Flexible, analytical, creative, professional, and self motivated
• Dependable, organized, responsible, and collaborates well with teams
Technical Summary
• ArcGIS Desktop 8.0 – 10.5 and Pro 1.0+
• ArcGIS Server 9.3 – 10.5
• ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder, Esri Story Maps
• Problem solving / Debugging applications, scripts, models, data and desktop
• Application development in JavaScript / Flex / Silverlight / Geocortex
• Project Management (gathering requirements, development, testing, documentation)
• Python / ArcPy / SQL / VBA, ModelBuilder
Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Bend, OR
AAS degree in Forest Resource Technology
AAS degree in Geographic Information Systems
Esri Instructor-Led Training / Certifications Palm Springs and San Diego, CA
ArcGIS Server Administration
ArcGIS Server Web Development
ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: ModelBuilder
Introduction to JavaScript
Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online
State of Oregon Office of Emergency Management May 2017 - Present
GIS Database Analyst
• Responsible for the collaboration with GIS stakeholders and collection, organization and
conflation of GIS mapping data.
• Assess GIS Data readiness, completeness and development for Legacy and NG9-1-1
• Coordinates the documentation of information
• Provide customer service and direction in the use of GIS standards and applications to public
safety agencies and organizations both familiar and unfamiliar with the technology.
• Develop and recommend requirements to distribute data and general information regarding
GIS in Legacy and NG9-1-1.
• Answer questions about quality, content and appropriate use of GIS databases in Oregon.
• Extract information from multiple data sets and produce a variety of reports for the PSAPs,
emergency response agencies, legislature and other state and local users upon request
• Create and maintain spatial data for use in the Legacy and NG9-1-1 mapping systems in order
to support statewide 9-1-1 call routing based on GIS.
• Acquire new data themes at different scales to enhance and expand the use of such data for
emergency response.
• Develop and implement processes to incorporate updated information from multiple sources
into the existing data structure.
• Prepare recommendations to management on performance tuning. Coordinate with appropriate
9-1-1 Program Staff to develop and implement processes to incorporate updated information
from multiple sources into the existing 9-1-1 data structures.
• Responsible for developing migration paths for data sets into direct client server database
structures and applications.
• Responsible for reviewing and recommending the necessary tools that will be utilized in the
maintenance of the Legacy and NG9-1-1 systems
• Work with diverse group of vendors and customers to enhance the automation of GIS data
through 9-1-1 databases.
• Work with vendors to find appropriate solutions and uses for GIS data in 9-1-1 systems. Work
with cooperating groups to develop data standards, linking to national efforts.
• Responsible for the update of GIS-related presentations and associated data center databases
and related 9-1-1 networks. Work with 9-1-1 staff to maintain GIS database functionality.

First Tek / BPA Jan 2017 – May 2017
GIS Analyst
• Maintained technically complex GIS services to support BPA construction projects, fiber optic
projects, communication system projects, land management and environmental projects.
• Support included project specific spatial analysis and the design and preparation of publication
quality cartographic and tabular report products using BPA and industry standards.
• Provide geographic expertise and consultation for long-range transmission facility right-of-way
corridor planning projects, natural resource projects, operation and maintenance projects for
existing BPA facilities, environmental review and compliance projects, and fish and wildlife
projects related to BPA’s program and mission.
• Designed and prepare cartographic products using industry and organizational standards.
• Design and create GIS databases utilizing automated and manual techniques to populate and
maintain GIS data.
• Created geoprocessing models and/or scripts to assist in data collection, storage, retrieval and
analysis using automated techniques.
• Provided technical support for GIS software and applications as needed
• Supported the timely delivery of products and services between Geospatial Services and other
organizational units involved in the design, acquisition, and construction of BPA’s facilities.
• Developed web mapping applications using industry standard software development tools and
scripting languages to support project specific visualization and status reporting portals.
• Participated in organizational efforts to recommend and develop process solutions to improve
the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, leveraging knowledge and best practices.
• Assisted in developing process tools that promoted coordination of records, process maps
and operating procedures

First American Title Apr 2007 – Sep 2016
GIS Solutions Engineer / Geographic Systems Coordinator
• Reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated business systems and user needs to discover where mapping technologies can increase efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.
• Documented project requirements, prioritized and assigned tasks and allocated resources.
• Grew the vision and use of mapping technologies to align with business goals.
• Oversaw, developed and maintained data standards, folder architecture and documentation of databases and other digital assets throughout the United States.
• Automated and enhanced core mapping products and user workflows using Python code published to ArcGIS Server and consumed in web mapping applications.
• Created mapping applications using API’s such as Flex, Silverlight, JavaScript that made it possible for non-GIS users to easily create maps and reports.
• Configured and administered Amazon Web Services architecture including S3 buckets, EC2 instances, security groups, permissions and load balancers.
• Administered, designed, and developed ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Desktop and Pro solutions, and GIS datasets.
• Actively participated in and enhanced skills within the GIS community at regular events such as URISA, local and national (GIS-Pro), Esri Developer Summit and Esri User Conferences.
• Leveraged knowledge gained and connections made to grow an enterprise location strategy.

Aaron Paul

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